TESS resources

TESS outreach products

The TESS GI office has developed some new outreach products for the community. We hope that you enjoy them and can make use of them for your own events.

TESS Extended Mission All-Sky Vista
Early Career Pamphlet Citizen Science Pamphlet
Northern Vista Old Faithful
River of Young Stars Triple System


A gallery of TESS videos, animations, still images, and other resources are maintained by NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS). Visit the TESS gallery to access the latest graphics that are downloadable in a wide range of formats.

Sample page from Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio TESS gallery. Image Credit: NASA

TESS model files

You can download files to create your very own TESS. This includes a paper model and files to create a 3D printed TESS spacecraft. All the details are on our Github site.

3D printed model Paper model

ABCs of Exoplanets

The ABCs of Exoplanets are a set of exoplanet-related graphics developed for educational purposes, and can be downloaded in various forms here.

TESS ABCs of exoplanets are available to download here. Image Credit: NASA

TESS Exoplanet Coloring Book

The Exoplanet Coloring Book is another resource that can be used for educational purposes. It can be downloaded via the link below.

TESS Exoplanet Coloring Book is available to download here. Image Credit: NASA

TESS Science Writer's Guide

The TESS Science Writer's Guide was developed to provide general information on the TESS mission for use by science writers and others interested in TESS. This guide was first developed for a Science Writer's Workshop held at the American Astronomical Society meeting in January 2018.

TESS Science Writer's Guide is available to download here. Image Credit: NASA

Citizen scientists

Want to discover your own exoplanets using TESS data? Try Planet Hunters or Planet Patrol. You'll find more NASA citizen science projects at science.nasa.gov/citizenscience


Additional exoplanet resources

NASA's exoplanet page contains a variety of useful information and resources that can be used for education and outreach. The multimedia link allows the user to download various posters, videos, and infographics.

NASA's AU Microscopii feature poster, avalible for download here. Image Credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech