Reprocessed TESS data coming soon

News article posted on by Knicole Colon

The TESS mission will be delivering reprocessed data for Sectors 1-19. These data will be ingested into the MAST archive over the next few months. A full list of the changes to the data will be described in the Data Release Note 30 that will accompany the first set of reprocessed data. Users can refer to the data release number in the headers of the data files in order to distinguish between the new and original data files.

Once the reprocessed data are ingested, MAST will only be making accessible the newer version of the light curve, target pixel and FFI files for each sector. Only the reprocessed data will be available through the MAST services, including the Portal, TESScut, exo.MAST, Amazon Web Services, and bulk downloads. The Data Validation files associated with the TESS planet search TCEs will continue to be available for both the original data and the reprocessed data through the MAST portal and bulk downloads.

The data availability tables on the TESS Holdings Available by MAST Service page will be updated to indicate which sectors of reprocessed data are available through the different MAST Services as it is being ingested. Prior to a sector being ingested, the original data files will be taken down. As a result the MAST expects data for that sector to be unavailable for ~1 day while the new data is being ingested.

The first sectors to be reprocessed are those in the northern hemisphere, Sectors 14-19, followed by the southern hemisphere Sectors 1-13. The ingest of these data files will begin in mid-June at a cadence of one reprocessed sector becoming live each week except when new TESS data is available.