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Webspec Logo WebSpec is a web interface for the X-ray spectral fitting package, XSPEC. It simulates spectral data for a variety of X-ray missions/instruments. WebSpec can not be used to analyze real data. This page is for the simple interface. More experienced XSPEC users, may want to use an advanced interface which allows up to 9 components. Latest news :
3/11/21Fixed error for Chandra grating negative orders.
2/18/21Chandra updated for Cycle 23.
8/17/20XMM updated for AO20.

Specify the desired model expression by clicking on a model in each of the scroll boxes and indicating via the checkbox whether you want pileup and/or photoelectric absorption. If you only want one model then click on the top blank line in the second scroll box. When you are ready click the button to set model parameters. To start again click the reset button.

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Okay, I have read this page but I still need HELP! Feedback or questions ?

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