HEASARC Usage Statistics

The HEASARC periodically makes its usage statistics available for the HEASARC Users Group and other interested parties.

  1. Archive size and data downloads over time

  2. Growth of the HEASARC Archive

  3. Demand for HEASARC Web services

  4. Citations of selected HEASARC missions

  5. Data requests by quarter

  6. Data transferred by TB and by equivalent numbers of datasets, broken down by mission, for selected years

  7. History of Data Transfers by Mission

  8. Detailed HEASARC Usage Statistics (Internal Access only)

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Archive Size and Data Downloads over Time

Figure 1. Graph shows an increase in both, with data downloads 
increasing faster than the size of the archive Figure 1: HEASARC high-energy archive size & annual data download volume plotted over time: note that the y-axis scale is logarithmic.

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Growth of the Archive

Figure 2
Figure 2: Past 25 years growth of the size of the HEASARC high-energy astrophysics data archive.

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Demand for HEASARC Web Services

Figure 3
Figure 3: Demand for HEASARC Web Services: Annual numbers of SkyView images requested, Browse queries submitted, volume of high-energy science web pages downloaded, and volume of high-energy science data downloaded.

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Citations of Selected HEASARC Missions

Citations for Selected Missions graph Figure 4: Number of citations of selected HEASARC missions over time.

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High-energy astrophysics data and web pages downloaded from the HEASARC

Figure 5 Figure 5: FTP and HTTP requested volume of data and web pages (TB per quarter).

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Transfer rates

Figure 6a
Figure 6(a): The amount of high-energy data downloaded in 2022, broken down by mission.

Figure 6b
Figure 6(b): The number of (equivalent) high-energy datasets downloaded in 2022, broken down by mission.

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Data Holdings

figure 7
Figure 7: HEASARC high-energy & CMB data holdings as of Dec 2022, broken down by mission. These totalled 169 TB.

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