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Science Results Using HEASARC Data


In its first decade, the HEASARC has become so integral to high energy astrophysics research that it is hard to find a paper in this field that has not benefited in some way from the existence of the HEASARC. This may be by using HEASARC infrastructure to develop a proposal for an operating mission, using the HEASARC database to acquire archival data, or using the HEASARC software for scientific data analysis. We provide here a few results which make particular use of the HEASARC archive. These are usually projects involving large samples from one or more missions. These results are as illustrations of the powerful resources that the HEASARC makes available to the world-wide astronomical community.

Active Galactic Nuclei
Clusters of Galaxies
Normal Galaxies
Supernova Remnants
Isolated Neutron Stars & Pulsars
X-ray Binaries
Cataclysmic Variables
Gamma Ray Bursts
The WGA Catalog of ROSAT Sources

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