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The Chandra FOV Search is being updated and is currently unavailable.
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This page looks for all Chandra observations where the given location is within the active field of view of the observation, i.e., on one of the chips being used.

Only observations which have entered the public domain and are present in the HEASARC mirror of the Chandra Archive can be searched using this search tool, notice. In order to verify whether or not there may be proprietary or pending Chandra observations which may potentially cover the given location, the user may want to do a search of the Chandra Master Catalog using one of the standard Browse interfaces and the (conservative) default search radius of 21 arcminutes.
Position: (Use target name or J2000 coordinates e.g., Cyg X-1 or 101.295, -16.699 or 6 45 10.8, -16 41 58)
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