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EXOGPS - EXOSAT/ME Galactic Plane Survey



This catalog is based on information contained in Warwick et al (1988), MNRAS, 232, 551.

The distribution of 2-6 keV x-ray emission in the galactic plane in the first and fourth galactic quadrants has been measured in a series of scanning observations with the medium-energy progportional counters on EXOSAT. The results are presented as contour maps and in the form of a catalogue of 70 discrete sources.

Additional references can be found under the reference parameter. Additional information can be obtained upon request from the HEASARC.

Catalog Bibcode



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First alternate name for the source, if any.

Another alternate name for the source, if any.

The galactic longitude of the object.

Additional Information

The flux ratio of the source. The 2-6 keV source strength in counts 'Se-1'. The 2-6 keV X-ray flux for a 1 sopunts Se-1 source with a Crab-like spectrum is ~5*10e-11 erg cme-2 se-1

The Count rate error.

The Declination of the object.

The Hard ratio of the source. The average ratio of the counts se-1 in the 6-10 keV band divided by the counts se-1 in the 3-6 keV band.

The error of the hard ratio.

The galactic latitude of the object.

Catalog designation based upon position.

The Right Ascension of the object.

The Soft Ratio of the source. The average ratio of the counts se-1 in the 1-3 keV band divided by the in the 3-6 keV band.

The error of the soft ratio.

Contact Person

Questions regarding the EXOGPS database table can be addressed to the HEASARC User Hotline.
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