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GRBCATANN - Gamma-Ray Bursts Catalog: Annulus Regions



This table is an associated to the GRBs Catalog and lists the parameters that define the localization region if the region is an annulus. For a given GRB the localization can be provided by different observatories with different region types or by the same region type with different parameters. The different region types reported in literature are the following: circle, annulus, box, dual, annulus intersect, irregular, and intersect.

This table contains the description only for the annulus region type, the other types are stored in separate tables. The annulus region is described by a center given in RA and Dec, the radius of the annulus (corresponding to the center betewen the inner and outer radii) and by the half-width of the annulus.

The measurements are reported as found in literature and any differences or remarks are included in one of the table parameter (local_notes). The literature references are provided in the GRBs Catalog main table which is linked to this region table.


References for the individual records in this table are available in the "reference" field of the GRBCAT main table.


This table was ingested by the HEASARC in June 2008 based on electronic versions obtained from the author(s), who compiled the catalog in 2005.


This is a numerical value that uniquely identifies a record within this database.

This is a unique numerical value assigned to each GRB. Since for a given GRB there can be more that one record, this numerical value is assigned to all record associated to a specific GRB.

This is the name of the GRB. The name are assigned following the "GRB YYMMDD" or "GRB YYMMDDn" if multiple bursts occur within a day, where n is a character string.

This is the Right Ascension corresponding to the center of the annulus given in units of degrees.

This is the Declination corresponding to the center of the annulus given in units of degrees.

This is the radius of the annulus defining the error region given in units of degrees.

This is the Annulus radius half-width (in degrees).

This field contains notes regarding the localization of the GRB. This is filled to explain how the values reported in the database are compared with the values reported in the literature.

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