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HEABIB - High Energy Astrophysics Comprehensive Bibliography Catalog



This bibliographic catalog is created by essentially matching scientific publications archived in the ADS with specific observations archived in the HEASARC. The papers can be refereed, unrefereed, or even arXiv preprints that have already been accepted or initially submitted for publication. Each observation in HEASARC's database tables has an ID parameter and each publication has a unique bibliographic reference code (bibcode), allowing a specific match to be made.


This catalog is compiled by D. van Orsow. The preparation of which has utilized the services of the Astrophysics Data System (ADS),


The information in this table comes from correspondence from the author. This table is updated automatically shortly after the data is received.


This field contains a unique bibliographic reference code. Please refer to for more information on the structure of these codes.

This parameter contains the name of the HEASARC database table from which the bibcode has referenced data.

This contains the name of the field(s) in the specified HEASARC database table which can be used to look up the row(s) referred to by the ID parameter.

This parameter uniquely identifies the row(s) in the specified HEASARC database table from which the bibcode has referenced data.

Contact Person

Questions regarding the HEABIB database table can be addressed to the HEASARC User Hotline.
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