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HETE2GRB - HETE-2 Gamma-Ray Bursts



HETE-2 (the High Energy Transient Explorer) is an international mission designed to help unravel the mystery of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs). The primary goal of HETE-2 is to determine the origin and nature of cosmic gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) by simultaneous observation of soft and medium X-rays and gamma-rays to provide precise localization of GRBs and identification of counterparts to these explosions. HETE-2 carries three science instruments: a set of wide-field gamma-ray spectrometers (FREGATE), a wide-field X-ray monitor (WXM, and a set of soft X-ray cameras (SXC) HETE-2 was launched on October 9, 2000, and declared fully operational on February 6, 2001.


The contents of this HEASARC database table are based on the burst summary web pages created at MIT at the The HEASARC table will be updated on a twice-per-week basis shortly after whenever the MIT web pages are updated.


The HETE2GRB database table summarizes the gamma-ray bursts that have been identified by HETE-2.

For more information about HETE-2 please see the HETE-2 archive website:

Data Products

The folowing HETE-2 data products associated with each gamma-ray burst are available for download:

HETE-2 Burst Summary Pages at MIT (WEBPAGE):

  Link to the specific web page on the web
  site with detailed information for each burst.
HETE-2 Burst Lightcurves (LC):
  The light curve file for the burst in FITS format.
HETE-2 Instruments Data (DATA):
  All the data recorded for each active HETE-2 instrument.


The designation of the gamma-ray burst (GRB), based on the date of the burst event.

The HETE-2 identification of the event.

The corresponding Gamma-ray Burst Coordinates Network (GCN) trigger number, if there was one.

The trigger time (UTC) of the burst.

The primary HETE-2 instrument that detected the event.

The time scale of the trigger, in seconds.

The energy range in which the burst was detected, in keV.

Any comments made by the scientists concerning the event.

The designation of the gamma-ray burst (GRB), based on the date of the burst event, encoded in HTML as a link to the corresponding MIT HETE-2 Burst Summary Page.

Contact Person

Questions regarding the HETE2GRB database table can be addressed to the HEASARC User Hotline.
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