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KUEHR - Extragalactic Radio Sources



This catalog is a compilation of 518 extragalactic radio sources with flux densities greater than 1 Jy at 5 GHz. It contains sources from the NRAO-MPI 5-GHz Strong Source Surveys and from re-observation at 5 GHz of sources found in the Parkes 2.7-GHz surveys. All sources were found in 9.811 sr covered by the two surveys. This is essentially the whole sky, excluding the galactic plane (latitudes less than 10 degrees) and the Magellanic Clouds. The catalog includes radio flux densities, radio positions, object classes, visual magnitudes, redshifts, and spectral indices.

Catalog Bibcode



Kuehr, H., et al. 1981, A&AS, 45, 367.


One duplicate entry was removed from the HEASARC implementation of this catalog in June 2019.


Galactic latitude in degrees.

Class is a 4-digit code indicating the BROWSE object classification.

Coefficient in the fitted function y = A + Bx or y = A + Bx + Cexp(Dx). Coeff A Error is associated error in the A coefficient in fitted function.

Error in Coefficient A

Coefficient in the fitted function y = A + Bx or y = A + Bx + Cexp(Dx). Coeff B Error is associated error in the B coefficient in fitted function.

Error in Coefficient B

Coefficient in the fitted function y = A + Bx or y = A + Bx + Cexp(Dx). Coeff C Error is associated error in the C coefficient in fitted function.

Error in Coefficient C

Coefficient in the fitted function y = A + Bx or y = A + Bx + Cexp(Dx).

The Declination of the source.

Flux Density

Flux Density Error

Frequency in MHz.

A simple analytic function fit to the spectra for sources with flux density measurements made at more than three frequencies. Function types are as follows:

  LIN - A straight line of the form y = A + Bx.

  EXP - Function of the type y = A + Bx + Cexp(Dx).

  CPX - Not satisfactorily fit.

  N<4 - Data for no more than three frequencies. No fit attempted.

Galactic longitude in degrees.

Source name. This is a coordinate-based naming system.

3C Catalog Name (when available)

Position reference code. Two-letter code indicates the source of the coordinates as follows:

  AA VLA calibrator list, Johnston, K., private communication.
  AB Adgie, R.L. 1974, Astron.J., 79, 846.
  AC Adgie, R.L., Crowther, J.H., Gent, H. 1972, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc., 159,
  AD Adgie, R.L., Gent, H. 1966, Nature, 109, 549.
  AE Brandie, G.W., Bridle, A.H. 1974, Astron.J., 79, 903.
  AF Bridle, A.H., Formalont, E.B. 1978, Astron.J., 83, 704.
  AG Brosche, P., Wade, C.M., Hjellming, R.M. 1973, Astrophys.J., 183, 805.
  AH Cohen, M.H. 1972, Astrophys.Letters, 122, 81.
  AI Cohen, A.M., Porcas, R.W., Browne, I.W.A., Daintree, E.J., Walsh, D. 1977,
     Mem.Roy.Astron.Soc., 84, 1.
  AJ Condon, J.J., Hicks, P.D., Jauncey, D.L. 1977, Astron.J., 82, 692.
  AK Condon, J.J., Jauncey, D.L., Wright, A.E. 1978, Astron.J., 83, 1036.
  AL Douglas, J.N., Bash, F.N., Ghigo, F.D., Moseley, G.F., Torrence, G.W. 1973,
     Astron.J., 78, 1.
  AM Edwards, T., Kronberg, P.P., Menard, G. 1975, Astron.J., 80, 1005.
  AN Elsmore, B., Ryle, M. 1976, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc., 174, 411.
  AO Fomalont, E.B., Moffet, A.T. 1971, Astron.J., 76, 5.
  AP Right Ascension taken from Fomalont, E.B., Moffet, A.T., 1971, Astron.J.,
     76, 5.  Declination taken from Bolton, J.G., Shimmins, A.J., 1973, Austr.J.
     Phys.Astrophys.Suppl., 30, 1.
  AQ Frater, R.H., Watkinson, A., Retallac, D.S., Goss, W.M. 1976, Mon.Not.Roy.
     Astron.Soc., 176, 487.
  AR Ghigo, F.D. 1977, Astrophys.J.Suppl.Ser., 19, 117.
  AS Ghigo, F.D., Owen, F.N. 1973, Astron.J., 78, 848.
  AT Grueff, G., Vigotti, M. 1975, Astron.Astrophys.Suppl.Ser., 19, 117.
  AU Gubbay, J.S. 1978, Astron.J., 83, 697.
  AV Haynes, M., Sramek, R. 1975, Astron.J., 80, 673.
  AW Hoegbom, J.A., Carlsson, I. 1974, Astron.Astrophys., 34, 341.
  AX Hoskins, D.G., Murdoch, H.S., Adgie, R.L., Crowther, J.H., Gent, H. 1974,
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  AY Hunstead, R.W., Lasker, B.M., Mintz, B., Smith, M.G. 1971, Astr.J.Phys.,
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  AZ Hunstead, R.W. 1972, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc., 157, 367.
  BA Hunstead, R.W., Lasker, B.M., Mintz, B., Smith, M.G. 1971, Astr.J.Phys.,
     24, 601.
  BB Lasker, B.M., Smith, M.G. 1974, Austr.J.Phys., 27, 13.
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  BF Pooley, G.G., Henbest, S.N. 1974, Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc., 176, 487.
  BG Sharp, J.R., Bash, F.N. 1975, Astron.J., 80, 335.
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  BL NRAO interferometer positions, unpublished.
  SA Pauliny-Toth, I.I.K., Kellerman, K.I., Davis, M.M., Fomalont, E.B., Shaffer,
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  SC Pauliny-Toth, I.I.K., Witzel, A., Preub, E., Kuehr, H., Kellerman, K.I.,
     Fomalont, E.B., Davis, M.M. 1978, Astron.J., 83, 451.
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  SH Shimmins, A.J., Bolton, J.G. 1974, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.Suppl., 32, 1.
  SI Bolton, J.G., Shimmins, A.J., Wall, J.V. 1975, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.
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  SJ Bolton, J.G., Butler, P.W. 1975, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.Suppl., 34, 33.
  SK Wall, J.V., Shimmins, A.J., Bolton, J.G. 1975, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.
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  SL Wall, J.V., Wright, A.E., Bolton, J.G. 1976, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.Suppl.,
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  SM Wright, A.E., Savage, A., Bolton, J.G. 1977, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.Suppl.,
     41, 1.
  SN Savage, A., Wright, A.E., Bolton, J.G. 1977, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.Suppl.,
     44, 1.
  SO Bolton, J.G., Wright, A.E., Savage, A. 1979, Austr.J.Phys.Astrophys.Suppl.,
     46, 1.
  SP Shimmins, A.J., Clarke, Margaret E., Ekers, R.D. 1966, Austr.J.Phys., 19,
Codes AA through BL denote positions measured with radio interferometry. Codes SA through SP denote positions measured with original survey instrument.

The Right Ascension of the source.

Redshift from Veron and Veron (1979) and Kuehr (1980).

Code number for the radio source catalog from which the particular flux density measurement came. The key to the reference number code is available from the HEASARC. The reference number suffix is associated with source catalog code number 94 which has three distinct catalogs associated with it and which are differentiated by either a blank space or letters "A" or "B". The key to the reference number/suffix code is available from the HEASARC.

Suffix on Reference Number

Two-point spectral index as determined between 2700 MHz and 5000 MHz. The spectral index is defined as b, where flux density is assumed proportional to v^b. Spectral index error is the associated error.

The uncertainty in the spectral index.

Visual magnitude from Veron and Veron (1979) and Kuehr (1980).

Contact Person

Questions regarding the KUEHR database table can be addressed to the HEASARC User Hotline.
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