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M31CLUSTRS - M31 Globular Cluster Candidates Catalog



This database table contains a list of 288 globular cluster candidates and 132 miscellaneous objects found in a 70 arcminute square field centered on the M 31 (Andromeda) Galaxy.

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The data were taken from Tables III and V of the paper by P. Battistini et al., 1980, A&AS, 42, 357.


This designation has been derived by adding the prefix M31 to the standard IAU designation for objects in this catalog (Bol for globular cluster candidates taken from Table III and BolD for miscellaneous objects taken from Table V) and the running number N (called Rec_Number in this current database) listed in the original tables. Thus, the first entry in Table III of Battistini et al. (1980) is here designated M31 BOL 1, and the last entry in Table V (op. cit.) is designated M31 BOLD 132.

The Right Ascension of the object. The rms error in this coordinate is estimated to be 0.5 arcseconds.

The Declination of the object. The rms error in this coordinate is estimated to be 0.3 arcseconds

The galactic longitude of the object.

The galactic latitude of the object.

The visual magnitude: the estimated accuracy is 0.3 magnitudes, except for entries with Vmag_Flag = ':' where the accuracy is presumably poorer.

If this flag = ':', then the value of Vmag is more uncertain than the standard 0.3 magnitudes.

This parameter represents the degree of confidence that the authors of the catalog had that a given object was indeed a globular cluster:

      A: very high confidence
      B: high confidence
      C: rather low confidence
      D: probably not a globular cluster
All of the so-called miscellaneous objects taken from Table 5 of the original reference are in category D.

This is a cross-identification, being the numerical designation for the same object in the M 31 Consortium Catalog of Sargent et al. 1977, AJ, 82, 947.

Other identifications and remarks about the objects. Objects with (**) in their remark have a note at the end of Table III or V in the original catalog of Battistini et al. 1980 (q.v.). The numerical reference codes are:

      (1) = Vetesnik 1962, Bull. Astron. Inst. Czech., 13, 180,
      (2) = Sargent et al. 1977, AJ, 82, 947 (M31C),
      (3) = van den Bergh 1969, ApJS, 19, 145,
      (4) = Arp 1956, AJ, 61, 15,
while the references for the other cross-identifications are as follows:
     APB:  Alloin et al. 1976, A&A, 50, 127.
     BA1:  Baade and Arp, 1964, ApJ, 139, 1027: table I (emission nebulae).
     BA2:  Baade and Arp, 1964, ApJ, 139, 1027: table II (extragalactic nebulae).
     BA3:  Baade and Arp, 1964, ApJ, 139, 1027: table III (globular clusters).
     BA4:  Baade and Arp, 1964, ApJ, 139, 1027: table IV
                                                (dubious/miscellaneous objects).
     FJ :  Ford and Jacoby 1978, ApJS, 38, 351.
     H  :  Hubble 1932, ApJ, 76, 44.
     J  :  Johnson 1961, ApJ, 133, 109.
    (OB): van den Bergh 1964, ApJS, 9, 55.
  PELLET: Pellet et al. 1978, A&AS, 31, 439.
     S  :  Sandage 1971, Nuclei of Galaxies, (ed. J.K. O'Connell), p. 222.
     SH :  Sharov 1973, Soviet Astronomy, 17, 174.
     V  :  Vetesnik 1962, Bull. Astron. Inst. Czech., 13, 180.

The running reference number (column 1 in the original tables) which was used in the construction of the Name of each entry.

BROWSE classification type. All objects with confidences of A, B, or C have been classified as globular clusters in the current database, while objects with confidence of D are classified as unidentified.

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Questions regarding the M31CLUSTRS database table can be addressed to the HEASARC User Hotline.
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