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This database table is based upon the information contained in the Catalog of Galactic O-Type Stars (Garmany, Conti, and Chiosi 1982), which is a compilation from the literature of all O-type stars for which spectral types, luminosity classes, and UBV photometry exist. Most of the entries come from Cruz-Gonzalez, et al. (1974) and Humphreys (1978), with additional stars from Garrison and Kormendy (1976); Garrison, Hiltner, and Schild (1977); Garrison and Schild (1979); Feinstein, Marraco, and Muzzio (1973); Feinstein, Marraco, and Forte (1976); and Moffat, Fitzgerald, and Jackson (1979). As discussed below, the HEASARC has deleted 5 of the original 765 entries which we believe to be erroneous and/or redundant, and modified the names and/or positions of 14 other entries. As part of the checking process, the HEASARC created new, more accurate positions for all the entries using the SIMBAD database.

The catalog contains 760 stars, for each of which designations (HD, DM, etc.), spectral types, V magnitudes, B-V magnitudes, cluster memberships, positional information, and source references are given. In addition, the authors have included derived values of absolute visual and bolometric magnitudes, and distances. The source reference should be consulted for additional details concerning the derived quantities.

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The Catalog of Galactic O-Type Stars (Garmany, Conti, and Chiosi 1982).

HEASARC Implementation

The HEASARC created the equatorial coordinates in this table by querying SIMBAD. The Galactic coordinates were then computed from these. The Galactic positions given in the original catalog were converted to J2000 equatorial coordinates and are stored in the `RA_Old` and `Dec_Old` parameters. The angular separation between these positions were calculated for each entry and is listed in the `Position_Offset` parameter.

Of the original 765 entries, the HEASARC has deleted 5 entries which we believe to be erroneous and/or redundant and modified the names of 2 other stars to correct typographical errors in the original table. The deleted stars (and their probable duplicates) are BD -23 3843 (BD +24 3843), HD 155220 (HD 152590), HD 206183 (appears twice in original catalog), HD 216522 (HD 216532), and HD 216878 (HD 216898). The renamed stars are BD +41 3689 (renamed from BD +41 368) and CPD -61 3452 (was CD -61 3452).


The SIMBAD-compatible source designation.

The source designation from the original catalog.

The Right Ascension of the object, as resolved by SIMBAD.

The Declination of the object, as resolved by SIMBAD.

The Galactic longitude of the object, based on the SIMBAD position.

The Galactic latitude of the object, based on the SIMBAD position.

The Right Ascension of the object, as computed from the Galactic position from the original catalog, in J2000 sexagesimal format.

The Declination of the object, as computed from the Galactic position from the original catalog, in J2000 sexagesimal format.

The position offset between the SIMBAD position and the original catalog position, in arcminutes.

Absolute bolometric magnitude M(bol), computed using Conti's (1975) temperature scale and Morton's (1969) bolometric corrections as a function of temperature.

Absolute visual magnitude, M(V), taken from the primary source given in the FLAGS parameter or from Conti's (1975) calibration of spectral type and M(V).

B-V magnitude, according to the coded documentation found in the FLAGS parameter.

Code for cluster or association membership, as listed below. Blank for presumed field stars.

  Code    Group                               Code    Group

    1     Sgr OB1                              43     NGC 2129
    2     Sgr OB7                              44     Gem OB1
    3     Sgr OB4                              45     Mon OB1
    4     Sgr OB6                              46     Ori OB1
    5     Ser OB1                              47     Mon OB2
    6     Sct OB3                              48     CMa OB1
    7     Ser OB2, NGC 6604                    49     Cr 121
    8     Sct OB2                              50     NGC 2414
    9     Cr  359                              51     NGC 2362
   10     Vul OB1                              52     NGC 2439
   11     Vul OB4                              53     Pup OB1
   12     Cyg OB3                              54     Vel OB1
   13     Cyg OB1                              55     Car OB1
   14     Cyg OB8                              56     TR 14
   15     Cyg OB9                              57     TR 15
   16     Cyg OB2                              58     TR 16
   17     Cyg OB4                              59     Cr 228
   18     Cyg OB7                              60     Car OB2
   19     NGC 6991                             61     NGC 3576
   20     Lac OB1                              62     NGC 3766
   21     Cep OB2, TR 37 nucleus               63     Cru OB1
   22     Cep OB1                              64     Cen OB1
   23     NGC 7235                             65     R 80
   24     Cep OB5                              66     Pis 20
   25     Cep OB3                              67     Nor OB1
   26     Cas OB2                              68     NGC 6067
   27     Cas OB5                              69     R 103
   28     Cep OB4                              70     R 105
   29     Cas OB4                              71     Ara OB1a
   30     Cas OB14                             72     NGC 6204
   31     Cas OB7                              73     Ara OB1b
   32     Cas OB1                              74     Sco OB1
   33     NGC  457                             75     Sco OB2
   34     Cas OB8                              76     HD 156154 group
   35     Per OB1                              77     M 6
   36     Cas OB6                              78     Sgr OB5
   37     Cam OB1                              79     zeta Pup
   38     Per OB3                              80     BO 4&5
   39     Cam OB3                              81     NGC 3572
   40     Per OB2                              82     Hogg 10
   41     Aur OB1                              83     Lynga 14
   42     Aur OB2                              84     NGC 6322

Distance computed from star's distance modulus, assuming an interstellar absorption of A(V)=3E(B-V). The units are kiloparsecs.

A string of four 1-digit integers giving codes for primary source, additional cluster membership, additional spectral types, and additional photometry, respectively. References for the codes are given below. Blank if not present.

  Primary source (first number)
    1   Cruz-Gonzalez et al. (1974).
    2   Garrison, Hiltner and Schild (1977).
    3   Humphreys (1978).
    4   Garrison and Kormendy (1976).
        Garrison and Schild (1979).
    5   Feinstein, Marraco and Muzzio (1973).
        Feinstein, Marraco and Forte (1976).
    6   Moffat, Fitzgerald and Jackson (1979).

  Additional cluster membership (second number)
    1   Conti and Alschuler (1971).
    2   Moffat and Vogt (1975).
    3   Humphreys (1978).

  Additional spectral types (third number)
    2   Garrison, Hiltner and Schild (1977).

  Additional photometry (fourth number)
    4   Klare and Neckel (1977).
    5   Feinstein, Marraco and Forte (1976).
    6   Guetter (1974).

The spectral type of the source according to the documentation code found in the `Flags` parameter.

A flag (K) if the spectral type given is new and based upon either 63 A mm^-1 of 79 / mm^-1 spectra taken at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Otherwise, blank if the spectral type is taken from the literature.

The photographic magnitude of the object.

Browse object classification. The classification is based on the `Spect_Type` parameter, if one is available.

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