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SMC1400MHZ - Small Magellanic Cloud ATCA and Parkes 1400-MHz Source Catalog



This table contains a new catalog of radio-continuum sources in the field of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). This catalog contains 1560 radio-continuum sources detected at 1400 MHz (lambda = 20 cm) from a set of new high-resolution radio-continuum mosaic images of the SMC created by combining observations from ATCA and Parkes (Wong et al. 2011, SerAJ, 182, 43). The 20 cm mosaic image (Fig. 2 in above reference)was created by combining data from ATCA project C1288 (Mao et al. 2008, ApJ, 688, 1029) with data obtained for a Parkes radio-continuum study of the SMC (Filipovic et al. 1997, A&AS, 121, 321). This image had a beam size of 17.8 x 12.2 arcseconds and an rms noise of 0.7 mJy/beam. The MIRIAD task 'imsad' was used to detect sources in the 20-cm image, requiring a fitted Gaussian flux density > 5 sigma (3.5 mJy). All sources were then visually examined to confirm that they were genuine point sources, excluding extended emission, bright side lobes, etc.

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New 20-cm radio-continuum study of the Small Magellanic Cloud:
Part II. Point sources.
    Wong G.F., Filipovic M.D., Crawford E.J., Tothill F.H., de Horta A.Y.,
    Draskovic D., Galvin T.J., Collier J.D., Payne J.L.
   <Serbian Astron. J., 183, 103-106 (2011)>


This table was created by the HEASARC in September 2014 based on CDS Catalog J_other/Ser/183.103/ file tablea2.dat.


The name of the radio source using the style recommended by the Dictionary Of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects, viz., the [WFC2011] prefix (for Wong, Filipovic, Crawford 2011) and the J2000.0 equatorial coordinates truncated to 1 second of time and 1 arcsecond in RA and Dec, respectively.

The Right Ascension of the 1400-MHz radio source in the selected equinox. his was given in J2000.0 equatorial coordinates to a precision of 0.1 seconds of time in the original table.

The Declination of the 1400-MHz radio source in the selected equinox. his was given in J2000.0 equatorial coordinates to a precision of 0.1 arcseconds in the original table.

The Galactic Longitude of the 1400-MHz radio source.

The Galactic Latitude of the 1400-MHz radio source.

The integrated flux density of the 1400-MHz radio source, in mJy.

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