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XTEASMLONG - XTE All-Sky Monitor Long-Term Observed Sources



The XTEASMLONG table was created for the purpose of providing a complete listing of RXTE's All-Sky Monitor (ASM) observations of sources.

It is based on information culled from the definitive 1-dwell long-term ASM light curve data products. These data products are available for downloading at


The XTEASMLONG table is updated usually every week or two whenever new definitive ASM data products are delivered to the RXTE GOF from MIT where the definitive ASM processing is done.

Data Products

The XTEASMLONG table makes available results from the RXTE All-Sky Monitor for over 300 sources. The light curve (.lc) files give the total measured intensity, the color (.col) files give intensities in three sub-energy bands (or "colors"), and the pointing files (xapt_*.fits) give the history of the ASM pointings. The light curve and color files are cumulative from February 1996, while each of the pointing files spans one week. These data products are provided in FITS format.

Standard RXTE ASM Definitive Long-Term 1-Dwell Data Products (STANDARD):

  This set contains the light curve (.lc) and color files (.col)
  for each selected source.
RXTE ASM Definitive Long-Term Pointings (POINTINGS):
  The complete set of the history files containing the pointing
  positions of each of the three ASM cameras.


The ASM source designation.

The Right ascension of the source.

The Declination of the source.

The Galactic Longitude of the source.

The Galactic Latitude of the source.

The date of the first ASM observation of the source.

The date of the most recent ASM observation of the source that is present in the definitive ASM data archive. More recent observations may be in the quicklook data recorded in the XTEASMQUICK database table.

Contact Person

Questions regarding the XTEASMLONG database table can be addressed to the HEASARC User Hotline.
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