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The user input are performed through XView windows which allows for full-screen input, and runs in a user-friendly manner. The user is required to provide the coordinates of the input point, the coordinate system, the time range of the exposure, the energy range, the spectral index, the event class, the earth cutoff angle and a scaling factor. Default values are provided where appropriate. The user may request that intermediate exposure values be printed at regular intervals in minutes. He may also generate a file of exposure values in binary format for each entry in the exposure history file.

The program also needs the wall distance needed by the SENSTV1 routine and reads it from the SAGE namelist normally found in MISC_DIR/pdbpre.cntl.name2. The PTEXPO program uses 1 input window shown in figure 1 (larger).

Figure 1: PTEXPO Input Window
PTEXPO Input Window