SPI processing of E2E-F data

SPI E2E-F data

The End-to-End Test F (E2E-F) took place June 5, 2002. E2E-F does not contain SPI data which can be used for a meaningful scientific offline analysis, because the high voltage of the camera was not swithed on during this test. Nevertheless you can run the SPI analysis software on the data - read the E2E-F user manual. The modes of the different science windows can be seen by using IOSM (click on "new Modes, Times" and select SPI). All data are stored under revolution number 26. Events are mainly single events (detector 0-18) below ~200 keV.

List of SCWs
SCW ID SPI mode Remarks
002600000012.000 STDBY  
002600000021.000 STDBY / OPERATIONAL ACS data available
(also in the following SCWs)
002600000031.000 OPERATIONAL  
002600010021.000 OPERATIONAL  
002600010030.000 OPER / CONF / OPER  
002600020010.000 OPER  
002600020021.000 OPER  
002600030010.000 OPER  
002600030021.000 OPER  
002600040010.000 OPER  
002600040021.000 OPER  
002600040030.000 OPER  
002600040041.000 OPER  
002600050010.000 OPER  
002600050021.000 OPER  
002600060010.000 OPER  
002600060021.000 OPER / CONFIG / CALIB  
002600070010.000 EMERGENCY 19 double events
002600070021.000 EMERGENCY 2 double events
002600080010.000 EMERGENCY 19 double, 1 triple event
002600080021.000 CALIB no events
002600090010.000 CALIB no events
002600090021.000 CALIB no events
002600100010.000 CALIB 2 PSD curves
002600100021.000 CALIB no events
002600110010.000 CALIB no events
002600110021.000 CALIB no events
002600120010.000 CALIB no events
002600120021.000 CALIB no events
002600130010.000 CALIB no events
002600130021.000 CALIB no events
002600130030.000 CALIB no events
002600130041.000 OPER no events

The data can be found on the ISDC system under /isdc/testdata/e2e_f/data/cons/ops_2

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