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INTEGRAL U.S. Guest Observer Facility
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User manual for analysing E2E-F data at the ISDC
For more information please read the individual help files of the programs used (e.g. spi_science_analysis --help).
step purpose What you have to do
setup   have your own data_rep on your account. Follow the E2E-F setup advice.
setenv COMMONLOGFILE mylog.txt define a logfile If you want to have a log file, set it now. To unset it later just type "unsetenv COMMONLOGFILE"
emacs dols.txt create a list of SCWs Here is one example for a valid list of one SCW: dols.txt. Please have a look on the list of usable E2E-F data. Be aware that during E2E-F the detector was not cooled and the high voltage was not switched on, thus imaging can be performed but will give strange results.
og_create idxSwg="dols.txt" ogid="obs_id" baseDir="." create the OG give a (up to now not existing!) name for the obs-branch (obs_id).
cd obs/obs_id   go to your obs branch.
(if you want to avoid the GUI, unsetenv DISPLAY before starting spi_science_analysis !)
do the analysis start with spi_science_analysis, fill in the parameters for the analysis (either off-line using an editor, or by using the GUI which will appear on the screen). The following parameter file can be a basis for your analysis: spi_science_analysis_e2ef.par (if you want to use it, copy it to your $PFILES/spi_science_analysis.par). For different sets of detectors you need different response (IRF). You can get a detector list if you are not familiar with our pseudo-detector scheme. Which IRFs do you want to use? Begin with small numbers of energy bins! Read also the user manuals of spihist, spiskymax, and spiros..
fv spi/source_res.fits
output check read the log file, check the images, events table and so on. If it is failing - check for missing/wrong input parameters first.
spi_science_analysis step back and repeat parts of the analysis Run spi_science_analysis again in the level range you like. E.g. start from binning again up to the imaging/spectra level by using StartLevel = BIN_I and EndLevel = IMA.

In case of questions and comments: contact me at the ISDC.