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INTEGRAL U.S. Guest Observer Facility

INTEGRAL Data Analysis

INTEGRAL Off-Line Scientific Analysis Software (OSA)

Version Release date Linux Mac OSX Source Code Documents
10.2 10-December-2015 32 Bit - 227 MB
64 Bit - 254 MB
Ubuntu - 253 MB
Mavericks 10.9 - 199 MB
Yosemite 10.10 - 207 MB
68 MB Available from the ISDC

This software package is a copy of the package which is available from the ISDC. Here is a copy of the latest OSA software installation guide from ISDC. Known issues with OSA 10.2 can be found here. Technical and scientific support is available via the INTEGRAL help desk, and telephone and e-mail support to U.S. based participants is available through the GSFC INTEGRAL GOF.

The IC, IDX, and CAT Data Trees

A standard INTEGRAL data repository consists of SCW, AUX, IC, IDX, and CAT data branches. The SCW and AUX branches are part of the standard download from the HEASARC or ISDC data archives. The IC, IDX, and CAT branches are necessary to analyze data. These branches can be downloaded from the HEASARC INTEGRAL archive with this PERL script: ic-idx-cat_download. Merely cut-and-paste this script into an executable file in the directory where you wish to create your IC, IDX, and CAT directories (generally where you have previously created your SCW amd AUX directories).

Analysis Cookbooks

  • The ISDC has written data analysis cookbooks for the three major INTEGRAL instruments, SPI, IBIS, and JEM-X, as part of the User Manuals for those instruments. These cookbooks are available for download from the ISDC website.

  • Scientists at INAF-IASF Milano have developed a set of scripts to analyze large quantities of IBIS/ISGRI data using OSA 9.0. These scripts, called GOLIA, can be used to produce images and lightcurves. The scripts are available for download from INAF-IASF and further information can be found in this paper.

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