User Manuals for analysing SPI data

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INTEGRAL U.S. Guest Observer Facility
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User Manuals for analysing INTEGRAL data

last update of the manual pages: 28.6.2006

INTEGRAL's scientific (offline) analysis starts with data produced by the science window pipeline (prepared data; ISDC level PRP). For the different data sets, slightly different analysis has to be performed. In the list below you find links to the different User Manuals available for the offline analysis. The main focus of this page is on the SPI analysis.

Data Manual remarks
In-Flight OSA documentation Link to the ISDC webpage containing the official documentation of the Offline Scientific Analaysis (OSA) package
In-Flight In-Flight User Manual How to analyse SPI in-flight data
In-Flight ISDC/SPI cookbook External link to a step by step guideline on one example provided by the ISDC
In-Flight ISDC SPI Analysis User Manual 5.0 External link to the official ISDC/SPI user manual
GPS/GCDE SPI GPS/GCDE data analysis Some tipps and tricks how to analyse Galactic Plane Scan (GPS) and Galactic Centre Deep Exposure (GCDE) data. For advanced users only.
In-Flight SPI GRB data analysis How to analyse a Gamma-Ray burst in the SPI field of view. For advanced users only.
Simulation Simulation User Manual How to perform a SPI observation simulation
BLC BLC User Manual Calibration data from April 2001
SVT-E SVT-E User Manual System Verification Test January 15-18, 2002
R.O.T. R.O.T. User Manual Reference Orbit Test on January 19, 2002
PLC PLC User Manual Payload calibration at ESTEC January/February 2002
E2E-F E2E-F User Manual The sixth end to end test took place at ESTEC June 5, 2002

There are special manuals on some components of the ISDC/SPI pipeline:
Program Manual remarks
spiros spiros user manual Version 3.0 - Manual, Cookbook, and test data
spiskymax spiskymax user manual Version 3.0
spidiffit spidiffit user manual Version 2.0
spihist spihist user guide Version 2.2
spiback spiback user manual Version 1.1