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User manual for analysing SVT-E data
For more information please read the individual help files of the programs used (e.g. blc_sa --help).
step purpose What you have to do
setup   have your own data_rep on your account. Follow the SVT-E setup advice.
setenv COMMONLOGFILE mylog.txt define a logfile If you want to have a log file, set it now. To unset it later just type "unsetenv COMMONLOGFILE"
emacs dols.txt create a list of SCWs Here is one example for a valid list of one SCW: dols.txt. Please have a look on the list of usable SVT-E data. Due to a software problem, you can up to now only analyse one science window at a time. Be aware that for most SVT-E data the source was placed ontop of the mask, thus imaging can be performed but will give strange results.
og_create idxSwg="dols.txt" ogid="obs_id" baseDir="." create the OG give a (up to now not existing!) name for the obs-branch (obs_id).
cd obs/obs_id   go to your obs branch.
cp $ISDC_ENV/source_cat_in.fits . copy source catalogue Analysis is faster if you give to SPIROS and SPISKYMAX an input catalogue. This catalogue is assuming that the source is in the center of the SPI field of view.
(if you want to avoid the GUI, unsetenv DISPLAY before starting blc_sa !)
do the analysis start with blc_sa, fill in the parameters for the analysis (either off-line using an editor, or by using the GUI which will appear on the screen). The following parameter file can be a basis for your analysis: blc_sa_svt-e.par (if you want to use it, copy it to $PFILES/blc_sa.par; more paramter file examples can be found on this page). For different sets of detectors you need different response (IRF). You can get a detector list if you are not familiar with our pseudo-detector scheme. Which IRFs do you want to use? Begin with small numbers of energy bins! Read also the SPIROS documentation.
fv spi/source_res.fits
output check read the log file, check the images, events table and so on. If it is failing - check for missing/wrong input parameters first.
blc_sa step back and redo parts of the analysis Run blc_sa again. Give the start level you want to begin with (e.g. when you want to define another binning of the data, start with BIN_I) and end-level (e.g. IMA). If this crashes, you have to remove everything and start from og_create again.

In case of questions and comments: contact me at GSFC.