HEASARC Picture of the Week: The Solar System

Title Date
Effects of Gamma-Rays on the Man-in-the-Moon (and Sun) Marigolds Fermi LAT images of Gamma-rays from the Sun and moon February 18, 2019
Beyond the Bubble Illustration of Voyager 2 leaving the solar system October 8, 2018
Unbuckling the Van Allen Belts Model of the Van Allen Belts based on INTEGRAL data July 2, 2018
The Beat of the X-ray Aurora Juno view of Jupiter with X-ray emission from the southern aurora November 27, 2017
Corona Light Total eclipse image taken Mar. 20, 2015 at Svalbard, Norway August 21, 2017
Fireworks From the Far Side Fermi sees Gamma-rays from a flare on the far side of the Sun July 3, 2017
Exchange at Pluto New Horizons (optical) and Chandra (X-ray) images of Pluto September 19, 2016
Jupiter's Fireworks HST image of Jupiter's aurora July 4, 2016
The Sun-Comet Exchange X-ray emission from two comets May 9, 2016
Shadow of an Aurora INTEGRAL observation of X-rays from earth's aurora February 1, 2016
Hard X-ray Sun NuSTAR and Hinode X-ray image plus SDO UV image of the Sun July 20, 2015
Dissecting Jupiter's Aurorae XMM-Newton X-ray line emission from Jupiter June 22, 2015
Rambunctious Young Sun Superflares from the young sun March 16, 2015
NuSTAR Sunrise SDO and NuSTAR image of the sun January 5, 2015
Our Creepy Sun SDO image of the Halloween Sun October 27, 2014
The Conqueror Filament SDO image of Canyon of Fire on Sun October 28, 2013
IRIS First Light IRIS firstlight image July 29, 2013
A Trick of the Tail Artist view of the Heliotail July 22, 2013
Flash Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope over the thunderous Earth December 10, 2012
X-Class X-class flare from July 12, 2012 July 16, 2012
The Gamma-Ray Sun LAT image showing the entire sky on March 7 in the light of gamma rays with energies beyond 100 MeV June 25, 2012
Swift Snows of Yesteryear Sublime Swift UVOT image of Comet Garradd April 30, 2012
Coming Your Way SDO image of January 19, 2012 solar flare January 23, 2012
Thanksgiving Goldstone image of earth-crossing asteroid 2005 YU55 November 21, 2011
X-Class SDO image of an X-class flare August 15, 2011
Busted UVOT image of asteroid 596 Scheila May 9, 2011
Waking Up Sun from SDO August 9, 2010
That Glow Around Jupiter Jupiter by Suzaku July 12, 2010
Sun in Living Color SDO image of the sun April 26, 2010
Solar Tsunami SOHO image of solar tsunami November 23, 2009
Edge Effect IBEX all sky map October 19, 2009
The Sun is Burning TESIS XUV image of the Solar Limb May 18, 2009
Serene Sun Hinode image of the Solar Corona from April 3 2009 April 6, 2009
A Swiftly Tilting Comet Swift image of comet March 9, 2009
Charge and Exchange Swift image of comet December 15, 2008
Spotless Spotless Sun October 13, 2008
GRBs Lightning May 5, 2008
Cycle 23 Redux Hinode X-ray view of Cycle 23 spots March 31, 2008
Ring Around the Sun STEREO view of a solar tsunami January 21, 2008
Sunburst Hinode image of a solar X-ray jet December 10, 2007
Fireworks on the Fourth of July XMM Optical Monitor images of Deep Impact October 15, 2007
Crown and Tail X-ray image of Jupiter's aurorae April 9, 2007
Jupiter's Crown RGS spectrum of Jupiter's Aurora February 12, 2007
The Sun in STEREO STEREO image of the Sun January 15, 2007
The Sun on October 28 Hinode XRT image of the sun December 25, 2006
Jupiter in X-rays Jupiter in X-rays September 4, 2006
A Swift Comet Swift Comet May 22, 2006
The Hole Earth Earth viewed by INTEGRAL March 20, 2006
Do Look Back Aurorae X-rays Seen by Chandra January 2, 2006
Neon Lights Are Bright Neon Abundances in solar-type stars August 1, 2005
At Deep Impact XMM-Newton and Deep Impact July 25, 2005
X-raying a Deep Impact Chandra and Deep Impact July 18, 2005
Bathed in Gamma Rays Jovian Aurorae March 28, 2005
Crown of Jupiter Jovian Aurorae March 7, 2005
The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Chondrules GRB-induced Chondrules July 19, 2004
Transit of Titan Titan Transits the Crab Nebula April 12, 2004
X-ray Belt Chandra and Hubblem Images of Saturn March 23, 2004
Martian X-ray, Take Two NGC 1700/CHANDRA January 5, 2004
See You On the Bright Side of the Moon Lunar X-rays September 29, 2003
Jupiter's Northern Lights Keck and Chandra views of 4C41.17 June 9, 2003
Martian X-ray Chandra X-ray image of Mars November 18, 2002
Footprints of Fire: Dancing in the Circle of Light RHESSI firstlight March 25, 2002
Jupiter Then and Now Jupiter, seen by Chandra and ROSAT March 4, 2002
First X-ray Image of Venus Venus/Chandra December 3, 2001
Solar X-ray Cycle Yohkoh Solar Cycle September 24, 2001
A Snowball's Chance XMM/Comet April 16, 2001
A Snowball's X-rays Solved Comet 1999s4/ACIS August 28, 2000
X-ray Mirror in the Sky MOON/PSPC Jun 12, 2000
A Million Degree Snowball Comet Hyakutake/XRAY May 22, 2000
Soft X-ray emission from the Sun Solar soft x-ray image Dec 20, 1999
X-rays from a Cometary Impact shoemaker levy with hri Oct 11, 1999

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