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The Cover Page

For every submitted proposal, the cover page information must be provided.

  1. The Principal Investigator item on the Cover Page Form identifies the Principal Investigator. Note that the address given here is the only one known to the scheduling system and will be used for the proposal information verification as well as mailing the data and products of the standard analysis. Changes in mailing address can be accommodated; however, principal investigators are encouraged to make sure that in case of a change in address mail will be reliably forwarded.
  2. The E-mail Address item provides information on the electronic addresses of the PI. Providing this information is optional, however investigators are encouraged to include their computer network mail addresses (e.g., SPAN, EARN/BITNET, JANET etc.).
  3. The Proposal Title item provides general information on the proposal title (which should describe the goal of the proposed research in a concise manner; please confine to less than 120 characters) and the subject category the principal investigator can choose for his/her proposal. Proposals dealing with X-ray emission from non-degenerate stars (i.e. early and late type stars) should be submitted in category 1 (``normal stars'') while proposals dealing with thermal (non-accretion driven) emission from degenerate stars should be submitted in category 2 (``white dwarfs''). Categories 3 and 4 should be self-explanatory; note that studies concerned with compact objects should be classified in category 4 while studies dealing with extended emission around such compact objects should be submitted in category 5 (``supernova remnants''). Categories 6 (``galaxies''), 7 (``AGN'') and 8 (``clusters of galaxies'') should again be self-explanatory. Studies concerned with diffuse emission (i.e., extended emission that cannot be associated with any specific object) should be submitted in category 9. Please try not submit proposals in category 10 unless you feel very strongly that your proposal does not belong to any of the other subject categories; in particular, ``survey proposals'' are suggested to to be submitted into subject categories according to the emphasis of the proposed research.

    A very important entry is the number of targets since the data base management system will expect to find as many target forms as are specified in the number of targets entry.

  4. The Abstract item provides space for the abstract of the proposal. It should summarise the main scientific goals of the proposal and justify the need for pointed observations. The abstract must fit in the assigned space. Abstracts longer than 800 characters will be truncated when being transcribed to electronic storage.

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Michael Arida
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