ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

ROSAT FTP Directories

  • abstracts - text of abstracts from all accepted ROSAT proposals
  • Bibliography - bibliographic information pertaining to ROSAT
  • Calibration Data - ROSAT calibration data
  • Data - ROSAT data (ROSAT archive is located here)
  • Documentation - documents and FAQ's about ROSAT and the archive
  • NRA information - information about the NRAs (AOs)
  • Problems - problems and bug reports
  • Publications - publications specific to ROSAT
  • Software - software specific to ROSAT
  • Timelines - ROSAT timeline files
  • WGACAT - development directory Curator: Michael Arida (SP Sys);
    HEASARC Guest Observer Facility
    Please use the Feedback link if you have questions on ROSAT.

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