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ROSAT All-Sky Survey (X-ray)

ROSAT All-Sky Survey (X-ray) 2

(Credit: Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik (MPE) and S. L. Snowden)

This image of the entire sky is from the ROSAT All-Sky Survey. The survey was completed during the first 1/2 year (1990-91) of the ROSAT Mission. The data, 0.1 - 2.0 keV, have been exposure corrected but not cleaned of contamination. The strong striping of the data is an artifact of the contamination and is caused by several processes. Solar X-rays scattered by the residual atmosphere along the line of sight are a major contributor. The image is an Aitoff-Hammer equal-area projection in Galactic coordinates with the Galactic center at the center and longitude increasing to the left. More information on the data, including cleaned images, from the MPE ROSAT All-Sky Survey can be obtained from the GSFC RASS mirror site at:

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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