ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

ROSAT PSPC Image of NGC 253

This image shows an X-ray image of NGC 253 in the 0.5-2.0 keV bandpass obtained with the ROSAT PSPC. The positions of the point sources and nucleus discussed in Fabbiano & Trincieri 1984, ApJ, 286, 491 are shown as well as the NED position of SN1940E. Also shown (RX-1) is a new source visible in later ROSAT images. While this image shows strong emission from the nuclear region and extranuclear point sources, the 0.1-0.4 keV image of NGC 253 shown in the ROSAT calendar shows that a kpc-scale superwind similar to the one in M82 dominates at lower energies. The scale of this image is 10' by 10' corresponding to 7.3 kpc by 7.3 kpc assuming a distance of 2.5 Mpc to NGC 253.

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