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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility


The following list contains corrections to previous news letters.

1. Ignore all previous descriptions in all of the newsletters regarding the anonymous ftp account. The version in this newsletter is correct and up-to-date.

2. ANY reference in a previous newsletter to the anonymous ftp account at GSFC on the machine rosserv should be changed to refer to the machine legacy(=

3. Corrections to the PROS Flashcards (ROSAT Newsletter 7, 9/92):

  • on page 37 of the newsletter under section A.2 (i.e., section II.A.2) the t2d task incorrectly specifies the tape file range as m:n, when it should read m-n.

  • on page 41 of the newsletter under section IV.C.4, the phrase, "both values should be negative, and..." should read "both values should be odd, and...."

4. Other corrections:

  • on page 27 of ROSAT Newsletter 8, 6/93, the pointers to the archive access should not read DATA/rosat/pspc/doc, or DATA/rosat/hri/doc, but instead should read rosat/doc/archive/us_archive or rosat/doc/archive/mpe_archive.

  • on page 41, exp_scal=0.00090, not 0.001168 as stated.

  • on page 33 of ROSAT Newsletter 8, 6/93, the sample session for retrieving archive data contains errors. The line cd rosat must be preceeded by cd data_dist, so that the user may find the proper data sub-directory. Thus, the list of commands (without any machine response) appears as:

    ftp ndadsa
    user anonymous (see below for additional comments on this)
    cd data_dist
    cd rosat
    ls *.fits
    type binary (NOTE: the word "type" is not necessary)
    mget rp*.fits
  • Similarly, the DECnet copy command must be altered to read:

    copy ndadsa::anon_dir:[data_dist.rosat]rp*.fits */confirm/log

5. With regard to the user anonymous command, some ftp users have encountered problems. The command user anonymous must be issued if the machine does not assume an anonymous user. As the ndadsa machine is an archive machine, the software should default to an anonymous user. Thus, the user need only type a return or anonymous at the Name prompt. The user should look at the request, as the command user may not be understood by the system.