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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

U.S. ROSAT Guest Observer Facility Staff

At the GSFC:

Rob Petre
Project Scientist.
Phone: (301) 286-3844
E-mail: LHEAVX::PETRE or petre@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

Steve Snowden
Duty Scientist
Phone: (301) 286-8100
E-mail: LHEAVX::SNOWDEN or snowden@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov

Rich Pisarski
U.S. Data Center Manager. Directs data processing, archiving and distribution.
Phone: (301) 286-9392
E-mail: RSDPS::PISARSKI or pisarski@rsdps.gsfc.nasa.gov

Gail Reichert
Duty Scientist, general observer support; IDL software for ROSAT.
Phone: (301) 286-5307
E-mail: HEASRC::REICHERT or reichert@heasrc.gsfc.nasa.gov

Jane Turner
Duty Scientist, general observer support; biweekly ROSAT bulletins.
Phone: (301) 286-5190
E-mail: HEASRC::TURNER or turner@heasrc.gsfc.nasa.gov

Mike Corcoran
Duty scientist, general observer support; data archive.
Phone:(301) 286-5576
E-mail: HEASRC::CORCORAN or corcoran@heasrc.gsfc.nasa.gov

Karen Smale
Observer support; GSFC bookings; help desk.
Phone: (301) 286-7612
E-mail: HEASRC::KSMALE or ksmale@heasrc.gsfc.nasa.gov

Pat Tyler
Observer support; database support including observation log
Phone: (301) 286-3566 .
E-mail: HEAGIP::TYLER or tyler@heagip.gsfc.nasa.gov

Gail Rohrbach
Observer support.Anonymous ftp account.
Phone: (301)286-1516
E-mail: HEASRC::ROHRBACH or rohrbach@heasrc.gsfc.nasa.gov

Margo Duesterhaus
Proposal Manager
Phone: (301) 286-3569
E-mail: ROSAT::DUESTERHAUS or duesterhaus@rosat.gsfc.nasa.gov

Minhthuyen Nguyen
Proposal software support; grant and contract adminitration.
Phone:(301) 286-1512
E-mail: nguyen@rosat.gsfc.nasa.gov ROSAT::NGUYEN

Mary Odell
Newsletter editor.World Wide Web Documentation
Phone: (301)286-3719
E-mail: modell@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov LHEAVX::MODELL

Nina R. Kubisiak
Data Distribution Manager.
Phone: (301) 286-9121
E-mail: ruby@rsdps.gsfc.nasa.gov or RSDPS::RUBY

Ed Seufert -
ROSAT Processing Manager. Processing software support, ROSAT Databank design.

Peter Damon
ROSAT System Manager; ROSAT Databank.
Phone: (301) 286-4926
E-mail: RSDPS::DAMON or damon@rsdps.gsfc.nasa.gov

At the SAO:

Rick Harnden
SAO ROSAT task manager. Management of PROS development, distribution and maintenance, general observer support, data verification, HRI performance verification.
Phone: (617) 495-7143
E-mail: frh@cfa.harvard.edu

Dan Harris
General observer support; PROS UserŐs Guide. Member of US UsersŐ Committee.
Phone: (617) 495-7148
E-mail: harris@cfa.harvard.edu

Belinda Wilkes
Data verification; general observer support.
Phone: (617) 495-7268
E-mail: belinda@cfa.harvard.edu

Larry David
General observer report; data verification; HRI performance verification.
Phone: (617) 495-7245
E-mail: david@cfa.harvard.edu

Frank Primini
PROS development