ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
filename: flags.sum
Date: 23 Sep 95
originat: wnp/deh
tlm: 1 Mar 95

This summary of all flags is based on the original plan from the Sept
94 meeting at MPE.  It has been updated to reflect changes agreed upon
at the Feb 95 meeting.  Source flags use lower case letters; Field
flags are upper case.  A flag has the value f (false) if the parameter
is ok; or t (true) if the parameter is wrong or suspect.  Most, but not
all, flags apply to both PSPC and HRI, although occasionally the
precise definition is somewhat different.  The column 'VI' means
'visual inspection'.

4 OCT 94 - 'u' flag added by deh for HRI
1 MAR 95 - delete O field flag; change P to S; add 'a' flag.

VI visual inspection
Flags are all T/F (not qualitative flags);
Flags are warnings about reliability of parameters &/or presented errors;
Flags are NOT definitive statements about source reliability.


In addition new PSPC parameter per source:   	varnew_ind		variability indicator
					     	pos_err_map		position error for map detect sources
						ROSAT_name		ROSAT source designation (1sx.1' accuracy)
						comment			comment

In addition new parameters per sequence:     	flg_stat                number of source flags set of each type
                                		num_src                 number of detected sources by SASS
                                		bkg_stat                total time in 4 (tbd) background levels
                                		bkg_levs                lower boundary of background levels
                                		QC_site                 site of quality control
                                		QC_date                 date of quality control
                                		QC_SYS                  version nr. of quality control software
                                		QC_person               person responsible for quality control
                                		comment line
						missed_tab		table of missed source(s), positions, etc.

Source Flags

Letter  Name                    PSPC Description        PSPC Genesis            VI      HRI Description         HRI Genesis
------  ----                    ----------------        ------------            --      ---------------         -----------
a	assoc_nn		associated w.		algorithm; extent	nn	associated with		algorithm:
				nearest neighbor	PRF(E,theta)			any source in field	PRF(theta), REC

c       confused                close sources           visual inspection       yy      close sources           visual inspection
                                confounded detect                                       confounded detect

d       det_struct              source near rib         compare psf with        nn      source near outer edge  taken from edge 
                                                        rib and edge distance                                   proximity indicator

e       extended                source extended         from extent size and    nn      source may be larger    SIZCOR > 1.2
                                                        extent likelihood               psf

f       false_det               source reality          visual overlay          yy      source reality          visual overlay
                                doubtful                                                doubtful

i       Inten_susp              intensity values        flag if confused,       nn      all intensity           flag if extended 
                                may be suspect          mult_det, det_struct            values may be suspect   or det_struct set
                                                        or within_ext set					or A,a,c,w

l       ltc_susp                lightcurve              from extraction         n
                                extraction may          radius and nearest
                                be incorrect            source distance
                                due to nearby
                                source contamin.
				or detect_struc.

m       mult_det                complex emission        visual inspection       yy      complex or strong 	visual inspection
                                split into individual                                   emission produced
                                sources                                                 multiple detections
											of a single source

n       not_checked     	no visual inspection	ML<15, or D set		nn      source not              flag if unexamined source
                                                                                        examined for            set if S/N < threshold
                                                                                        reliability             set if field deferred (D)

p       pos_susp                possible problem with   overlay of derived      yy      possible problem with   1) overlay of derived
                                position determination  sources on image                position determination  sources on image;

s       spec_susp               raw spectrum for        compare bg extract      n
                                spectral fits suspect   radius with nearest

u	un_uniq									 n	source is not unique	if there is a matched
														detection made with a 
														smaller detect cell

v       varflg_susp             -                       -                        n      believability of        compare variability flag
                                                                                        variability flag        of source and background

w       within_ext              believable source       visual inspection       yy      believable source       visual inspection
                                embedded in extended                                    embedded in extended
                                emission                                                emission


Letter  Name                    PSPC Description        PSPC Genesis            VI      HRI Description         HRI Genesis
------  ----                    ----------------        ------------            --      ---------------         -----------

A       asp_susp                aspect solution         ?                       yy      aspect solution         inner sources look
                                may be in error                                         may be in error          oval

B       bkg_susp                wrong BG image          ?	  		nn      High BG or other        extended emission flag
                                                       				                                or Av BG > level 8

D       deferred                peculiarities to                                yy      peculiarities to
                                be dealt with later                                     be dealt with later

E       ext_emis                may affect sources 	visual inspection of    yy      may affect sources	visual inspection 
                                 &/or bgd		image                            &/or bgd		of image

F       fals_det                presence of possibly    f source flag set for   nn      presence of possibly    f source flag set for 
                                spurious sources in     1 or more sources   		spurious sources in	1 or more sources
                                image                                                   image

M       src_mis                 probable sources 	visual inspection of    yy      probable sources	visual inspection of 
                                missed by detect 	source overlay                  missed by detect	source overlay

O       other                   other problems not                              yy      other problems not
                                classified were                                         classified were
                                found                                                   found

S       slist_mis               source list      	check of empty or       nn	source list      	check of empty or  
                                missing or empty        missing files			missing or empty        missing files