ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
CHANGES: hvi2.5.8 11-08-99

* automatically flags sources with negative net count rates with i="TRUE" 
during pre-screening.

CHANGES: hvi2.5.7 02-19-98

* system variable !rradir defines the directory which holds the HRI data for 
screening.  !rradir can be set before running hvi2 at the IDL command line 
prompt or set in the $IDL_VI/startup/ file

* drag on/off allows flagging of an user-definable region of the full field of view 
image - useful for setting all the multiple-detect flag for all the spurious 
sources in a large SNR, for example

* n flag can no longer be changed by the user

* now Macintosh compatible!

CHANGES: hvi2.3 4-24-95

* allow selection of default color table and option to reverse color
table on startup

* changed epi limit from 0.1 to 0.01 for automatic source flagging

* changed SNR cutoff from 5.0 to 4.0 when automatically setting "n"
source flag.

* made reset button a pull-down menu allowing option to reset current
source or reset all sources

* made handler for zoom events  This solves problem of
replotting sources after zoom ended each time new zoom center was

* allow manual setting of source "p" flag.

* allow option of plotting all significant sources, all unique sources
or no sources.

* redesigned main gui layout

* provided routine
to print out source flags to an ASCII text file.

* use 512 x 512 5 arcsec/pixel image and 512 x 512 2 arcsec/pixel image

* fixed bug in MISSED source handler.  Now if all missed sources are
deleted missed source button turned off.

* ZOOMed image window now set to be 256 x 256.

CHANGES: hvi2.3 5-3-95

* idlim - added "write gif" button

* prehrra2 - added check to make sure that there are more than 2 photons
in STDEVT list, otherwise routine skips generation of HVI

*issued patch (see rosat/data/qsrc/software/hvi2.3.patch) which
consists of new and

CHANGES: hvi2.3.1 5-17-95

* Corrected field flag ordering in; removed outdated version

* added /edge_truncate to congaus routine so edge elements not set to 0.

* sent MISSED SRC field flag info to correct button

* changed NO_SRC name to SLIS_MISS

CHANGES: hvi2.4 5-25-95

* changed layout to be more ergonomic. User can place gui at bottom of
screen with image displays at top and see both image displays and
source and field flags simultaneously

* allows for screening of sequences with no sources present.

* user can now select missed sources from either the full field-of-view
display OR the central (2"/pixel) image display

* overplotting of source symbols faster

* displays "L" source flag (LTC_SUSP) 

* pickseq routine uses IDL routine WMENU 

* will not fall over if only 1 sequence directory in RRA directory 

* user can input checker id and check site at startup of hvi2

* no need for  to register changes in checker and check site text

CHANGES: hvi2.4.1 6-01-95

* allows selection of sources with not_checked flag = True; default now

* RESETing now means that the SOURCE or ALL is reset to the value
giving by the automatic flagging, even if a previously saved version of
the qsrc file is available.

* RESET ALL resets field flags as well as source flags

* if setting a source false detect flag to F means that no sources in the field
are false, then the field FALS_DET flag is set to F also

* user must specify values of checker and cksite keywords when starting hvi2:
IDL> hvi2, checker='DEH', cksite='SAO'

* fixed a bug which did not allow display of smooth =0 image if smooth
value was initially > 0

* fixed a bug which did not allow display of images with cut less than 5

* fixed bug which caused hvi2 (version 2.4) to crash when source flagging 

CHANGES: hvi2.4.2 6-22-95

* plots all unique sources by default

* fixed bug in reading EXT_EMIS flag

* fixed bug in RESTORE ORIGINAL TABLE button in XLOADCT

* fixed bug in calculation of positions of MISSED sources

* fixed acronyms for Field flags written by prthflags

* slider displays SDS_NUM of all sources regardless of source flag setting

* source "a" flag only spawns "i" not "l" or "v" or "p"

* source "n" flag doesn't spawn any other flags

* correctly calculates/updates CHECKSUM and DATASUM keywords

CHANGES: hvi2.5 7-13-95

* allows plotting of significant, all unique, all or no sources.
Remembers which type of sources are being plotted, and next selection
of source in image displays results in plotting only sources of the
current type.  For example, if "all unique" sources plotted, then
selection of next source will cause all unique sources to be plotted.

* auto screening now checks significance of unique sources.  If a
unique source which is below the significance level is matched with
another detection above the significance level, the 'u' flag for the
significant source is set to 'F' and the 'u' flag for the
non-significant source is ste to 'T' (DEH)

* displays better organized at startup - main gui to bottom of screen,
image displays above it, one to left and one to right.  NOTE -setup
looks good on MFC's screen - maybe less good on other monitors but the
arrangement can be adjusted. (JER)

* fonts for main gui made explicit - should result in smaller display

* image widgets adjusted so as to take up less horizontal space.  In
particular 'TOOLS' pull-down menu button created (look under 'TOOLS'
for 'xloadct') (JER)

* Zoom window size increased from 256 x 256 to 400 x 400 (JER)

* bug in which x & y positions of missed sources recorded incorrectly
is fixed. (JER)

* ability to include source and field comments available.

CHANGES: hvi2.5.1 9-19-95
* allows for extension on input HRI data directories, i.e. directory
names of the form rh123456n00_vv1234 now allowed.

* fixed bug in definition of BASE_ID structure

* developed on an ALPHA workstation running OSF under IDL 4.0.1

* changed default y offset value for main gui and x offset value for
2"/pixel image display gui.
* new version of provided in utilities directory to fix
byteorder problem in IDL 4.0.1 

* fixed bug when displaying or resetting a sequence which has no significant sources (index SIG = -1)

* ALWAYS generates *missed.txt file - for sequences with no missed sources, missed.txt file contains the line
	No missed sources recovered

* fixed bug in which mkhqsrc4 would crash if no simbad sources were present in the field.

CHANGES: hvi2.5.2 10-09-95

* corrected "u" and "n" flagging for sources

* corrected algorithm for determining significance of sources re: Dan's comments

* removed generation of missed.txt file if no missed srcs available. 

CHANGES: hvi2.5.3 10-11-95
* corrected calculation of CHECKSUM, DATASUM for alpha compatibility

* removed generation of missed.txt file from hsaveseq2 if no missed srcs available

CHANGES: hvi2.5.4 10-20-95

* m flag spawns f flag automatically

* ASP_SUSP (A) field flag spawns i, p, v source flags for all sources

* DEFERRED (D) field flag spawns n flag for all sources

CHANGES: hvi2.5.5 01-26-96
* correctly handles sequences with no sources - will display blank image,
	and allow user to set sequence flags or flag missed sources.  
	User can save results to a *qsrc.fits file.  Sequences with no sources
	no longer spawn the "D" flag automatically

* problem in handling sequences with only 1 src has been fixed (problem reported
	by JDS)

* changed sensitivity of B, S, & F flags - user can no longer set these flags

* fixed bug in hfautoflag2 which caused F flag to be set T if ave. bkg > 8 	
	instead of setting B flag. (included in hvi2.5.5.patch, 05 Feb 96)