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ROSAT Newsletters


Hardcopy ROSAT newsletters are issued semi-independently by:


Table A.1.3 lists all the USRSDC Newsletters have been issued to date. Copies of all these reports are available on request from Karen M Smale, Code 668, NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt MD 20771 (15735::KSMALE; ksmale@heasrc.gsfc.nasa.gov).


Number Date Highlights
1 1989 Feb Introduction to MIPS/PROS
Special Ed. 1990 Jan AO-1 summary
4 1990 Jul PVC info
5 1991 Jun GOF info
6 1991 Nov Observation Log, blacklist, IDL
7 1992 Sep PSPC PSF, ROSAT archive, FTP info
8 1993 Jun Ghost Image article, IDL & PROS updates
9 1993 Nov PSPC off-axis PSF, FTP info
10 1994 May RDF, archive update
Table A.2: Summary of USRSDC ROSAT Newsletters

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