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Boron Filter

[Stephan et al.1991]

Figure 3.9: The transmission of the boron filter of the ROSAT PSPC as a function of energy. Note that this filter only covers the centre of the PSPC field of view.

The spectral resolution of the PSPC in the carbon window below 0.28keV is tex2html_wrap_inline16841 80% (FWHM).      A further subdivision of the carbon band into two bands is possible since the boron filter has little transmission between 0.188keV and 0.28keV.    The boron filter itself consists of a carbon film with a coating of boron carbide. The whole structure is supported by a tungsten wire mesh with a thickness of tex2html_wrap_inline16843 and spacing of 4mm. The filter itself has a diameter of 28mm (40'), hence only the central portion of the PSPC FOV is covered. The rest of the PSPC FOV is open. The transmission of the boron filter as a function of energy is shown in Fig. 3.9.   

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