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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

The Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory (SAO) GOF Staff

Rick Harnden
SAO ROSAT task manager. Management of PROS development, distribution, and maintenance; general observer support; data verification; HRI performance verification.
  • Phone: (617)495-7143
  • e-mail: frh@cfa.harvard.edu

Fred Seward
General Observer Support; PROS User's Guide; Member of the U.S. User's Committee.
  • Phone: (617)495-7282
  • e-mail: fds@cfa.harvard.edu

Judy Chen
HOPR (&PROS) programmer, hotseat
  • Phone: (617)495-7133
  • e-mail: jchen@cfa.harvard.edu

John Silverman
RRA, hotseat UVcal, VV
  • Phone: (617)496-7716
  • e-mail: jsilverman@cfa.harvard.edu

Saeqa Vrtilek
hotseat, RRA
  • Phone: (617)495-7094
  • e-mail: svrtilek@cfa.harvard.edu

Belinda Wilkes
  • Phone: (617)495-7268
  • e-mail: bwilkes@cfa.harvard.edu

Tracey Guice
  • Phone: (617)496-7857
  • e-mail: tguice@@cfa.harvard.edu

Dan Harris
RRA, hotseat
  • Phone: (617)495-7148
  • e-mail: dharris@cfa.harvard.edu


ROSAT GOF Return to the ROSAT GOF Last Update: Jan 10, 1995 Curator: Michael Arida (SP Sys); arida@milkyway.gsfc.nasa.gov
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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