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Installing profit is straightforward, although it helps if you are familiar with unix ``tarballs'' and directory structure. Mac OS X users should be able to download the binary version which will expand either automatically or after double-clicking on the file.

Profit binary tarballs come in two types:

These include everything needed for profit to run, and can be downloaded, untarred, and run immediately. Each tarball is $\sim80$ MB. We recommend using the complete version if possible.
These only update profit to the latest version. Profit requires a small binary and library of its own, and is compiled using a specific version of the ROOT ( library and ATOMDB ( database, which must also be installed (and is provided in the complete package). Our intent is to change the ROOT and ATOMDB versions infrequently, and therefore these will be left out of update releases to reduce unnecessarily large downloads.


Randall Smith 2005-12-19