About Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog Products

The data products available in the swiftgrb catalog are produced using the FTOOL-like software tool swifthlprod. This tool performs the initial data reduction for Swift Gamma-Ray Burst data, using the scripts batgrbproduct, xrtpipeline, and a combination of uvotimage, uvotskycorr, uvotexpmap and uvotimsum. It then calls the high level products routines: xrtgrblc, uvotgrblc and batgrbexprod. XRT spectra are produced using xrtgrblcspec, which is run manually by a staff scientist.

The software tool batgrbexprod, similar to swifthlprod, is an FTOOL-like program that performs additional BAT data analysis using the data produced by batgrbproduct.

For convenience, we provide two gzip'd tar files below containing the two software tasks swifthlprod and batgrbexprod. You must have a current installation of HEASoft in order to install and run these tasks. Once the HEAsoft environment is set up, swifthlprod and batgrbexprod can be installed by running hmake install in their respective directories. Note that Swift CALDB files and the WCSTools routine scat are also required to run swifthlprod, and that you must also specify your local path to the catspec files (provided below) in the swifthlprod par and syspar files.

Explanations of the file naming conventions for Swift GRB pipeline products can be found in the Swift GRB Products Guide PDF document.

Additional Software Downloads

Name Version Download Link
swifthlprod 1.6 swifthlprod.tar.gz
batgrbexprod 1.1 batgrbexprod.tar.gz
usnob1.b18.catspec N/A usnob1.b18.catspec
usnob1.alt.catspec N/A usnob1.alt.catspec