The following pages contain an example to demonstrating how to do simple reduction to obtain both a spectrum and an image of an observation. As a useful guide, we include here a list of routines used for the reduction of several observations, and approximately how long it took to execute each.

Routine Timing
Routine Time Notes
cifbuild 0:20  
odfingest 0:56  
emchain 3:08  
epchain 12:39 Run twice, once for the OOT
emanom 0.01  
espfilt 0:05 mos in histogram mode
espfilt 0:30 pn in histogram mode
espfilt $\sim$5:15 mos in ratio mode
cheese 10:05  
mosspectra 19:04  
mosback 0:04  
pnspectra 47:28  
pnback 0:07  
rotim2det $\sim$0:01  
proton 0:04  
swcx 0:01  
combimage $\sim$0:02  
adapt 0:26 actually doing adaptive smoothing
$^a$ All current routines are in SAS-consistent FORTRAN.