Initial ESAS Processing

While pipeline processed versions of the event files can be used (after unzipping), it is not overly time consuming (at least compared with the rest of the ESAS processing), and so it is not unreasonable to rerun the chains to ensure that the most recent versions of the CCF and SAS software are used.

There are two ways of recreating the event files: one can use “the chains” or one can use “the procs”. The ultimate output of the “procs” will be identical to that of the “chains”, but the “chains” produce many more intermediate files. The “procs” are more memory intensive than the “chains”, but the “chains” require more disk space. The names of the output event files from the “procs” are different from those of the “chains”. The “chains” utilize Perl, so if you have problems with your Perl installation, the “procs” may be more useful.