XMM-Newton Science Analysis System: User Guide

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4.11.1 The slew data

An EPIC slew is packaged into a single raw data file called a Slew Data File (SDF). This is the equivalent of a pointed observation ODF (§ 2.1). It contains the recorded events, for the three EPIC detectors, and accompanying housekeeping and attitude information for the slew.

The SDF for a particular slew observation can be downloaded from the XMM-Newton Science Archive. When searching for slews in the archive care should be taken to set the Observations Status to Any.

Slews are made using the observing mode of the previous observation. For the pn camera the useful slewing modes are PRIMEFULLWINDOW, EXTENDEDFULLWINDOW and LARGEWINDOW. Other modes contain too little data to be worth processing.

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