XMM-NEWTON IN THE JOURNALS: Stellar Clusters (globular)

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75XMM-Newton X-ray observations of the Carina nebulaAlbacete Colombo, J. F.; Méndez, M.; Morrell, N. I.12-20032003, MNRAS, 346, 7042003MNRAS.346..704A8,14EPIC0112580601, 0112580701
110Orion revisited. I. The massive cluster in front of the Orion nebula clusterAlves, J.; Bouy, H.11-20122012, A&A, 547, A972012A&A...547A..97A8EPIC
316New XMM-Newton Analysis of Three Bright X-Ray Sources in M31 Globular Clusters, Including a New Black Hole CandidateBarnard, R.; Stiele, H.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Kong, A. K. H.; Williams, B. F.; Pietsch, W.; Kolb, U. C.; Haberl, F.; Sala, G.12-20082008, ApJ, 689, 12152008ApJ...689.1215B8EPIC0402560901, 0402561201
320XMM-Newton investigations of the Lambda Orionis star-forming region (XILO). I. The young cluster Collinder 69Barrado, D.; Stelzer, B.; Morales-Calderón, M.; Bayo, A.; Huélamo, N.; Stauffer, J. R.; Hodgkin, S.; Galindo, F.; Verdugo, E.02-20112011, A&A, 526, A212011A&A...526A..21B8,14EPIC,OM0300100201, 0405210601
341X-ray and optical observations of M55 and NGC 6366: evidence for primordial binariesBassa, C. G.; Pooley, D.; Verbunt, F.; Homer, L.; Anderson, S. F.; Lewin, W. H. G.09-20082008, A&A, 488, 9212008A&A...488..921B8,11EPIC
639XMM-Newton and the Pleiades - I. Bright coronal sources and the X-ray emission from intermediate-type starsBriggs, K. R.; Pye, J. P.11-20032003, MNRAS, 345, 7142003MNRAS.345..714B8,14EPIC0094780101
710On the nature of Collinder 121: insights from the low-mass pre-main sequenceBurningham, Ben; Naylor, Tim; Jeffries, R. D.; Devey, C. R.12-20032003, MNRAS, 346, 11432003MNRAS.346.1143B8,14EPIC0079570201, 0092790101
734The brightest stars of the sigma Orionis clusterCaballero, J. A.05-20072007, A&A, 466, 9172007A&A...466..917C8,14EPIC0101440301
735Stars and brown dwarfs in the σ Orionis cluster: the Mayrit catalogueCaballero, J. A.02-20082008, A&A, 478, 6672008A&A...478..667C8,14EPIC0101440301
737Low-resolution spectroscopy and spectral energy distributions of selected sources towards σ OrionisCaballero, J. A.; Valdivielso, L.; Martín, E. L.; Montes, D.; Pascual, S.; Pérez-González, P. G.11-20082008, A&A, 491, 5152008A&A...491..515C8,14 
810A New X-Ray Analysis of the Open Cluster Blanco 1 Using Wide-Field BVIc Photometric and Proper Motion SurveysCargile, P. A.; James, D. J.; Platais, I.02-20092009, AJ, 137, 32302009AJ....137.3230C8,14EPIC0041750101
904A Kinematic and Photometric Study of the Galactic Young Star Cluster NGC 7380Chen, W. P.; Pandey, A. K.; Sharma, Saurabh; Chen, C. W.; Chen, Li; Sperauskas, J.; Ogura, K.; Chuang, R. J.; Boyle, R. P.09-20112011, AJ, 142, 712011AJ....142...71C8EPIC
947XMM-Newton observations of the Perseus cluster - II. Evidence for gas motions in the coreChurazov, E.; Forman, W.; Jones, C.; Sunyaev, R.; Böhringer, H.01-20042004, MNRAS, 347, 292004MNRAS.347...29C8EPIC0085110101
1103The T Tauri Star Population of the Young Cluster NGC 2264Dahm, S. E.; Simon, Theodore02-20052005, AJ, 129, 8292005AJ....129..829D8,14 
1104X-Ray Observations of the Young Cluster NGC 2264Dahm, S. E.; Simon, Theodore; Proszkow, Eva M.; Patten, B. M.09-20072007, AJ, 134, 9992007AJ....134..999D8EPIC,OM0011420101, 0011420201
1111Chandra X-ray observations of the stellar group near the Herbig Be star MWC 297. A revision of the X-ray properties of MWC 297Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.03-20062006, A&A, 447, 10412006A&A...447.1041D8 0203130101, 0086360301, 0086360401, 0086360901, 0059760101
1137An XMM-Newton observation of the multiple system HD 167971 (O5-8V + O5-8V + (O8I)) and the young open cluster NGC 6604De Becker, M.; Rauw, G.; Blomme, R.; Pittard, J. M.; Stevens, I. R.; Runacres, M. C.07-20052005, A&A, 437, 10292005A&A...437.1029D8,14 
1147XMM observation of the dynamically young galaxy cluster CL 0939+4713De Filippis, E.; Schindler, S.; Castillo-Morales, A.06-20032003, A&A, 404, 632003A&A...404...63D8EPIC0106460101
1230IC 2602: a lithium depletion boundary age and new candidate low-mass stellar membersDobbie, P. D.; Lodieu, N.; Sharp, R. G.12-20122010, MNRAS, 409, 10022010MNRAS.409.1002D8EPIC0101440201
1369Search for associations containing young stars (SACY). VII. New stellar and substellar candidate members in the young associationsElliott, P.; Bayo, A.; Melo, C. H. F.; Torres, C. A. O.; Sterzik, M. F.; Quast, G. R.; Montes, D.; Brahm, R.05-20162016, A&A, 590, A132016A&A...590A..13E8EPIC
1435X-Ray Detection of the Cluster Containing the Cepheid S MusEvans, Nancy Remage; Pillitteri, Ignazio; Wolk, Scott; Guinan, Edward; Engle, Scott; Bond, Howard E.; Schaefer, Gail H.; Karovska, Margarita; DePasquale, Joseph; Tingle, Evan04-20142014, ApJ, 785, L252014ApJ...785L..25E8EPIC0691030201
1512An XMM-Newton-based X-ray survey of pre-main sequence stellar emission in the L1551 star-forming complexFavata, F.; Giardino, G.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.; Damiani, F.05-20032003, A&A, 403, 1872003A&A...403..187F8,14EPIC0109060301
1515A survey for Fe 6.4 keV emission in young stellar objects in rho Oph: The strong fluorescence from Elias 29Favata, F.; Micela, G.; Silva, B.; Sciortino, S.; Tsujimoto, M.04-20052005, A&A, 433, 10472005A&A...433.1047F8,14EPIC0109060101, 0111120201
1583ACIS-I observations of NGC 2264. Membership and X-ray properties of PMS starsFlaccomio, E.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.09-20062006, A&A, 455, 9032006A&A...455..903F8EPIC0011420101, 0011420201
1595Radio and X-ray variability of young stellar objects in the Coronet clusterForbrich, J.; Preibisch, Th.; Menten, K. M.01-20062006, A&A, 446, 1552006A&A...446..155F8EPIC0111120101, 0146390101, 0146390201
1620XMM-Newton observations of the sigma Orionis cluster. II. Spatial and spectral analysis of the full EPIC fieldFranciosini, E.; Pallavicini, R.; Sanz-Forcada, J.02-20062006, A&A, 446, 5012006A&A...446..501F8EPIC0101440301
1622Is Praesepe really different from the coeval Hyades cluster? The XMM-Newton viewFranciosini, E.; Randich, S.; Pallavicini, R.07-20032003, A&A, 405, 5512003A&A...405..551F8,14EPIC0101440401
1623XMM-Newton observations of open clustersFranciosini, E.; Randich, S.; Pallavicini, R.09-20032003, AdSpR, 32, 11432003AdSpR..32.1143F8EPIC0101440401, 0101440301, 0101440101, 0101440501, 0101440601, 0101440801
1759Discovery of a quiescent neutron star binary in the globular cluster M 13Gendre, B.; Barret, D.; Webb, N.05-20032003, A&A, 403, L112003A&A...403L..11G8,11EPIC0085280301, 0085280801
1760An XMM-Newton observation of the globular cluster Omega CentauriGendre, B.; Barret, D.; Webb, N. A.03-20032003, A&A, 400, 5212003A&A...400..521G8EPIC0112220101
1798The Young Binary DQ Tau: A Hunt for X-ray Emission from Colliding MagnetospheresGetman, Konstantin V.; Broos, Patrick S.; Salter, Demerese M.; Garmire, Gordon P.; Hogerheijde, Michiel R.03-20112011, ApJ, 730, 62011ApJ...730....6G8,14EPIC0406570701
1831The X-ray luminosity of solar-mass stars in the intermediate age open cluster NGC 752Giardino, G.; Pillitteri, I.; Favata, F.; Micela, G.10-20082008, A&A, 490, 1132008A&A...490..113G8EPIC0149780101
1907Dynamo regime transition among Sun-like stars in M 34. A time evolution model of X-ray activity on the main sequenceGondoin, P.10-20122012, A&A, 546, A1172012A&A...546A.117G8,14EPIC0140160101
1943An Unexpected Discovery in the Rich Open Cluster NGC 6819 Using XMM-NewtonGosnell, Natalie M.; Pooley, David; Geller, Aaron M.; Kalirai, Jason; Mathieu, Robert D.; Frinchaboy, Peter; Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico01-20122012, ApJ, 745, 572012ApJ...745...57G8,11EPIC,OM0553510201
2089Million-Degree Plasma Pervading the Extended Orion NebulaGüdel, Manuel; Briggs, Kevin R.; Montmerle, Thierry; Audard, Marc; Rebull, Luisa; Skinner, Stephen L.01-20082008, Sci, 319, 3092008Sci...319..309G7,8EPIC
2187Discovery of Extremely Embedded X-Ray Sources in the R Coronae Australis Star-forming CoreHamaguchi, Kenji; Corcoran, Michael F.; Petre, Rob; White, Nicholas E.; Stelzer, Beate; Nedachi, Ko; Kobayashi, Naoto; Tokunaga, Alan T.04-20052005, ApJ, 623, 2912005ApJ...623..291H8,14EPIC0146390101, 0146390201
2506An XMM-Newton observation of the young open cluster NGC 2547: coronal activity at 30 MyrJeffries, R. D.; Evans, P. A.; Pye, J. P.; Briggs, K. R.04-20062006, MNRAS, 367, 7812006MNRAS.367..781J8EPIC0066940101
2507Investigating coronal saturation and supersaturation in fast-rotating M-dwarf starsJeffries, R. D.; Jackson, R. J.; Briggs, K. R.; Evans, P. A.; Pye, J. P.03-20112011, MNRAS, 411, 20992011MNRAS.411.2099J8,14EPIC0501790101
2508The stellar association around Gamma Velorum and its relationship with Vela OB2Jeffries, R. D.; Naylor, Tim; Walter, F. M.; Pozzo, M. P.; Devey, C. R.02-20092009, MNRAS, 393, 5382009MNRAS.393..538J8,14EPIC0112670501, 0112670601
2575Multiwavelength study of a young open cluster NGC7419Joshi, Himali; Kumar, Brijesh; Singh, K. P.; Sagar, Ram; Sharma, Saurabh; Pandey, J. C.12-20082008, MNRAS, 391, 12792008MNRAS.391.1279J8EPIC0201160501
2718Extended Gamma-Ray Emission from the G25.0+0.0 Region: A Star-forming Region Powered by the Newly Found OB Association?Katsuta, J.; Uchiyama, Y.; Funk, S.04-20172017, ApJ, 839, 1292017ApJ...839..129K8EPIC0503320601
2726Diffuse thermal X-ray emission in the core of the young massive cluster Westerlund 1Kavanagh, P. J.; Norci, L.; Meurs, E. J. A.11-20112011, NewA, 16, 4612011NewA...16..461K8EPIC0404340101
2822X-Ray Localization of the Globular Cluster G1 with XMM-NewtonKong, Albert K. H.06-20072007, ApJ, 661, 8752007ApJ...661..875K8EPIC0065770101
3024Wide-Field Survey of Globular Clusters in M31. II. Kinematics of the Globular Cluster SystemLee, Myung Gyoon; Hwang, Ho Seong; Kim, Sang Chul; Park, Hong Soo; Geisler, Doug; Sarajedini, Ata; Harris, William E.02-20082008, ApJ, 674, 8862008ApJ...674..886L3,8EPIC0112570401, 0112570601, 0112570701, 0109270701, 0112570101, 0112570201, 0112570301, 0109270301, 0109270401, 0151580401
3035WIYN Open Cluster Study. LXVI. Spectroscopic Binary Orbits in the Young Open Cluster M35 (NGC 2168)Leiner, E. M.; Mathieu, R. D.; Gosnell, N. M.; Geller, A. M.07-20152015, AJ, 150, 102015AJ....150...10L8EPIC,OM0553510101
3168Mercer 5: a probable new globular cluster in the Galactic bulgeLongmore, A. J.; Kurtev, R.; Lucas, P. W.; Froebrich, D.; de Grijs, R.; Ivanov, V. D.; Maccarone, T. J.; Borissova, J.; Ker, L. M.09-20112011, MNRAS, 416, 4652011MNRAS.416..465L8EPIC
3236New deep XMM-Newton observations to the west of the σ Orionis clusterLópez-Santiago, J.; Caballero, J. A.11-20082008, A&A, 491, 9612008A&A...491..961L8,14EPIC0148300101
3247A black hole in a globular clusterMaccarone, Thomas J.; Kundu, Arunav; Zepf, Stephen E.; Rhode, Katherine L.01-20072007, Natur, 445, 1832007Natur.445..183M8,14EPIC0200130101
3345X-ray spectral and timing characteristics of the stars in the young open cluster IC 2391Marino, A.; Micela, G.; Peres, G.; Pillitteri, I.; Sciortino, S.01-20052005, A&A, 430, 2872005A&A...430..287M8,14EPIC0112420101
3348X-ray variability of NGC 2516 stars in the XMM-Newton observationsMarino, A.; Micela, G.; Pillitteri, I.; Peres, G.09-20062006, A&A, 456, 9772006A&A...456..977M8EPIC0113891001, 0113891101, 0126511201, 0134531201, 0134531301, 0134531501
3583An XMM-Newton view of the M 17 nebulaMernier, F.; Rauw, G.04-20132013, NewA, 20, 422013NewA...20...42M8,14EPIC0144500101
3754Study of X-ray emission from the old open cluster, M67Mooley, K. P.; Singh, K. P.10-20152015, MNRAS, 452, 33942015MNRAS.452.3394M8EPIC0109461001, 0212080601
3868X-ray properties of the young open clusters HM1 and IC 2944/2948Nazé, Y.; Rauw, G.; Sana, H.; Corcoran, M. F.07-20132013, A&A, 555, A832013A&A...555A..83N8EPIC0672060101, 0600080101
3967The XMM-Newton slew view of IGRJ17361-4441: A transient in the globular cluster NGC 6388Nucita, A. A.; De Paolis, F.; Saxton, R.; Read, A. M.08-20122012, NewA, 17, 5892012NewA...17..589N8EPIC9214800002, 9214800003
4059Evolution of X-ray emission from young massive star clustersOskinova, L. M.08-20052005, MNRAS, 361, 6792005MNRAS.361..679O8 
4090The X-ray emission from Young Stellar Objects in the rho Ophiuchi cloud core as seen by XMM-Newton.Ozawa, H.; Grosso, N.; Montmerle, T.01-20052005, A&A, 429, 9632005A&A...429..963O8EPIC0111120201
4245Wide Field CAMera survey of M31 globular clusters: low-mass X-ray binariesPeacock, Mark B.; Maccarone, Thomas J.; Waters, Christopher Z.; Kundu, Arunav; Zepf , Stephen E.; Knigge, Christian; Zurek, David R.01-20092009, MNRAS, 392, L552009MNRAS.392L..55P8,11EPIC0112570401, 0112570601, 0065770101, 0109270101, 0109270701, 0112570101, 0112570201, 0112570301, 0109270301, 0109270401
4323Cluster AgeS Experiment (CASE): Dwarf Novae and a Probable Microlensing Event in the Globular Cluster M22Pietrukowicz, P.; Kaluzny, J.; Thompson, I. B.; Jaroszynski, M.; Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A.; Krzeminski, W.; Pych, W.09-20052005, AcA, 55, 2612005AcA....55..261P8,12EPIC0112220201, 0112220301
4343Deep X-ray survey of the young open cluster NGC 2516 with XMM-NewtonPillitteri, I.; Micela, G.; Damiani, F.; Sciortino, S.05-20062006, A&A, 450, 9932006A&A...450..993P2,8EPIC0113891001, 0113891101, 0126511201, 0134531201, 0134531301, 0134531501
4353XMM-Newton Observation of the alpha Persei ClusterPillitteri, Ignazio; Remage Evans, Nancy; Wolk, Scott J.; Bruck Syal, Megan05-20132013, AJ, 145, 1432013AJ....145..143P8,14EPIC0212480301, 0093000101, 0212480301, 0093000101, 0101440101
4414WIYN Open Cluster Study. LV. Astrometry and Membership in NGC6819Platais, Imants; Gosnell, Natalie M.; Meibom, Sren; Kozhurina-Platais, Vera; Bellini, Andrea; Veillet, Christian; Burkhead, Martin S.08-20132013, AJ, 146, 432013AJ....146...43P8EPIC0553510201
4460X-Rays from the Globular Cluster G1: Intermediate-Mass Black Hole or Low-Mass X-Ray Binary?Pooley, David; Rappaport, Saul06-20062006, ApJ, 644, L452006ApJ...644L..45P8EPIC0065770101, 0151580101, 0151581101
4542XMM-Newton study of the star forming region NGC 1333Preibisch, T.04-20032003, A&A, 401, 5432003A&A...401..543P8EPIC0065820101
4545XMM-Newton study of the very young stellar cluster IC 348Preibisch, T.; Zinnecker, H.08-20042004, A&A, 422, 10012004A&A...422.1001P8 
4549The Gaia-ESO Survey: membership and initial mass function of the gamma Velorum clusterPrisinzano, L.; Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Jeffries, R. D.; Franciosini, E.; Sacco, G. G.; Frasca, A.; Klutsch, A.; Lanzafame, A.; Alfaro, E. J.; Biazzo, K.; Bonito, R.; Bragaglia, A.; Caramazza, M.; Vallenari, A.; Carraro, G.; Costado, M. T.; Flaccomio, E.; Jofré, P.; Lardo, C.; Monaco, L.; Morbidelli, L.; Mowlavi, N.; Pancino, E.; Randich, S.; Zaggia, S.05-20162016, A&A, 589, A702016A&A...589A..70P8EPIC
4638A search for X-ray variability in the open cluster NGC 2516Ramsay, Gavin; Harra, Louise; Kay, Hilary06-20032003, MNRAS, 341, 13882003MNRAS.341.1388R8EPIC0113891001, 0113891101, 0113891201, 0126511201, 0134531201, 0134531301, 0134531401, 0134531501
4680A multi-epoch XMM-Newton campaign on the core of the massive Cygnus OB2 associationRauw, G.12-20112011, A&A, 536, A312011A&A...536A..31R8,14EPIC,OM0505110301, 0505110401, 0200450501, 0200450401, 0200450301, 0200450201
4683An XMM-Newton observation of the very young open cluster NGC 6383Rauw, G.; De Becker, M.; Gosset, E.; Pittard, J. M.; Stevens, I. R.09-20032003, A&A, 407, 9252003A&A...407..925R8EPIC0001730201
4689X-ray and optical spectroscopy of the massive young open cluster IC 1805Rauw, G.; Nazé, Y.10-20162016, A&A, 594, A822016A&A...594A..82R8EPIC0740020101
4690An XMM-Newton observation of the Lagoon Nebula and the very young open cluster NGC 6530Rauw, G.; Nazé, Y.; Gosset, E.; Stevens, I. R.; Blomme, R.; Corcoran, M. F.; Pittard, J. M.; Runacres, M. C.11-20022002, A&A, 395, 4992002A&A...395..499R8EPIC0008820101
4723Chandra X-Ray Observations of Young Clusters. III. NGC 2264 and the Orion Flanking FieldsRebull, L. M.; Stauffer, J. R.; Ramirez, S. V.; Flaccomio, E.; Sciortino, S.; Micela, G.; Strom, S. E.; Wolff, S. C.06-20062006, AJ, 131, 29342006AJ....131.2934R8 
4971An XMM-Newton view of the young open cluster NGC 6231. I. The catalogueSana, H.; Gosset, E.; Rauw, G.; Sung, H.; Vreux, J.-M.08-20062006, A&A, 454, 10472006A&A...454.1047S8EPIC0109490101, 0109490201, 0109490301, 0109490401, 0109490501, 0109490601
4974An XMM-Newton view of the young open cluster NGC 6231 - II. The OB star populationSana, H.; Rauw, G.; Nazé, Y.; Gosset, E.; Vreux, J.-M.10-20062006, MNRAS, 372, 6612006MNRAS.372..661S8EPIC0109490101, 0109490201, 0109490301, 0109490401, 0109490501, 0109490601
4975An XMM-Newton view of the young open cluster NGC 6231 - III. Optically faint X-ray sourcesSana, H.; Rauw, G.; Sung, H.; Gosset, E.; Vreux, J.-M.05-20072007, MNRAS, 377, 9452007MNRAS.377..945S8EPIC0109490101, 0109490201, 0109490301, 0109490401, 0109490501, 0109490601
5014XMM-Newton observations of the sigma Ori cluster. I. The complex RGS spectrum of the hot star sigma Ori ABSanz-Forcada, J.; Franciosini, E.; Pallavicini, R.07-20042004, A&A, 421, 7152004A&A...421..715S8EPIC,RGS0101440301
5066Coronal abundances of X-ray bright pre-main sequence stars in the Taurus molecular cloudScelsi, L.; Maggio, A.; Micela, G.; Briggs, K.; G?del, M.10-20072007, A&A, 473, 5892007A&A...473..589S8,14EPIC,RGS0086360301, 0086360401, 0101440701, 0109060301, 0200370101, 0203540401, 0203540801, 0203541501, 0203541801, 0203542001, 0203542101, 0301500101
5164Combined Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Hubble Space Telescope observations of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 2808Servillat, M.; Dieball, A.; Webb, N. A.; Knigge, C.; Cornelisse, R.; Barret, D.; Long, K. S.; Shara, M. M.; Zurek, D. R.11-20082008, A&A, 490, 6412008A&A...490..641S8EPIC0205840101
5238Low-energy absorption towards the ultra-compact X-ray binary 4U 1850-087 located in the globular cluster NGC 6712Sidoli, L.; La Palombara, N.; Oosterbroek, T.; Parmar, A. N.11-20052005, A&A, 443, 2232005A&A...443..223S8,11 
5239XMM-Newton observations of the low-mass X-ray binary XB 1832-330  in the galactic globular cluster NGC 6652Sidoli, L.; La Palombara, N.; Oosterbroek, T.; Parmar, A. N.09-20082008, A&A, 488, 2492008A&A...488..249S8,11EPIC,RGS0400790101, 0400790301
5291Hard X-Rays and Fluorescent Iron Emission from the Embedded Infrared Cluster in NGC 2071Skinner, Stephen L.; Simmons, Audrey E.; Audard, Marc; Güdel, Manuel04-20072007, ApJ, 658, 11442007ApJ...658.1144S8EPIC0201530101
5292High-Resolution Chandra X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy of the σ Orionis ClusterSkinner, Stephen L.; Sokal, Kimberly R.; Cohen, David H.; Gagné, Marc; Owocki, Stanley P.; Townsend, Richard D.08-20082008, ApJ, 683, 7962008ApJ...683..796S8EPIC
5507An Optical and Infrared Photometric Study of the Young Open Cluster IC 1805 in the Giant H ii Region W4 †Sung, Hwankyung; Bessell, Michael S.; Chun, Moo-Young; Yi, Jonghyuk; Nazé, Y.; Lim, Beomdu; Karimov, R.; Rauw, G.; Park, Byeong-Gon; Hur, Hyeonoh05-20172017, ApJS, 230, 32017ApJS..230....3S8EPIC0740020101
5903The Young, Massive, Star Cluster Sandage-96 After the Explosion of Supernova 2004dj in NGC 2403Vinkó, J.; Sárneczky, K.; Balog, Z.; Immler, S.; Sugerman, B. E. K.; Brown, P. J.; Misselt, K.; Szabó, Gy. M.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Kun, M.; Klagyivik, P.; Foley, R. J.; Filippenko, A. V.; Csák, B.; Kiss, L. L.04-20092009, ApJ, 695, 6192009ApJ...695..619V8,9OM0150651101
5913On the association of ULXs with young superclusters: M82 X-1 and a new candidate in NGC 7479Voss, R.; Nielsen, M. T. B.; Nelemans, G.; Fraser, M.; Smartt, S. J.11-20112011, MNRAS, 418, L1242011MNRAS.418L.124V8,11EPIC0025541001, 0301651201
6005First XMM-Newton observations of the globular cluster M 22Webb, N. A.; Gendre, B.; Barret, D.01-20022002, A&A, 381, 4812002A&A...381..481W8EPIC0112220201
6009X-ray sources and their optical counterparts in the globular cluster M 22Webb, N. A.; Serre, D.; Gendre, B.; Barret, D.; Lasota, J.-P.; Rizzi, L.09-20042004, A&A, 424, 1332004A&A...424..133W8 
6220Discovery of a Transient X-Ray Source in the Compact Stellar Nucleus of NGC 2403Yukita, Mihoko; Swartz, Douglas A.; Soria, Roberto; Tennant, Allyn F.07-20072007, ApJ, 664, 2772007ApJ...664..277Y5,8,11EPIC0150651101, 0150651201, 0164560901
6254Very Broad [O III] λλ4959, 5007 Emission from the NGC 4472 Globular Cluster RZ 2109 and Implications for the Mass of Its Black Hole X-Ray SourceZepf, Stephen E.; Stern, Daniel; Maccarone, Thomas J.; Kundu, Arunav; Kamionkowski, Marc; Rhode, Katherine L.; Salzer, John J.; Ciardullo, Robin; Gronwall, Caryl08-20082008, ApJ, 683, L1392008ApJ...683L.139Z8EPIC
6406A Chandra X-Ray Study of the Interacting Binaries in the Old Open Cluster NGC 6791van den Berg, Maureen; Verbunt, Frank; Tagliaferri, Gianpiero; Belloni, Tomaso; Bedin, Luigi R.; Platais, Imants06-20132013, ApJ, 770, 982013ApJ...770...98V8EPIC