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Contamination Source Searcher

Contamination Source Searcher gives you a list of the cataloged source names and their positions within the specified angular distance from the specified celestial position. You can also specify the source catalog from catalogs entries. The position must be given in J2000 equinox. You can convert the equinox by Coco.

Select Catalog (Multiple Selection is allowed):
Eistein Slew Catalog 2E Catalog 4C Catalog
ASM Catalog H1+3A+4U+SNR Catalog Be Catalog
Einsten MSS Catalog ROSAT Pointing Catalog ROSAT WGA Catalog
X-Ray Catalog X-ray ID Catalog X-Ray Binary Catalog
XTE AO-1 Source Catalog XTE AO-2 Source Catalog
Use All Catalogs (takes couple of minutes!)

Input Parameters:

Right Ascension and Declination for the center of the search radius are needed to proceed with the calculation. These parameters can be entered as Degrees, or in the case of R.A. as "hh mm ss.s" where hh is the hour, mm the minutes, ans ss.s the seconds and its decimal part; in the case of Dec you can use also "dd mm ss.s", where dd are degrees, mm the minutes and ss.s the seconds

	      Right Ascention (J2000) in the above specified format.

	      Declination (J2000) in the above specified format.

Search Angle:	
	      Specify search radius in degrees.


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