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RXTE Current Location

      Image obtained using xplanet
      Two Line Element (TLE) file used for predicting RXTE position is available at Celestrak

RXTE Current Observation

This page shows the predicted state of the current observation.  
            It uses the schedule of observations, and so may not always reflect 
            reality.  This information will be reloaded every 60 seconds.


Last Update Time (UT): 2012:005:23:59:39
Mission Elapsed Time (sec): 0568425584

Pointing On Target
SAA Status Outside SAA
Earth Occult YES, pointing at the Earth
Goodtime NO
TDRSS Status NO, not receiving data
RA: 60.000000
DEC: 2.000000
Roll Bias: -11.0

Border Color Code:
RED Not in target's Goodtime
ORANGE In target's Goodtime, but not in TDRSS contact
GREEN In target's Goodtime and in TDRSS contact

Obsevation info coming from file:
Human Readable from week 831

For questions about scheduling of RXTE observations please send email to xteplan@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov If you have other questions about RXTE, please send email to one of our help desks.

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