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SOF ASM Light Curve Generator

XTE SOF ASM Light Curve Generator gives you an ascii dump of ASM light curve for a specified source extracted from SOF ASM Database. Datebase is updated every 90 minues. During the update ASM light curve generator may not work properly. In such case, please wait for 5 minutes and run again.

      XTE GOF   has simpler and easier Web services providing RXTE/ASM   result. Please also visit their XTE Weather Page.

Warning: Since ASM Light Curve Generator analyzes more than 30 MB of compressed ASM database, it requires couple of minutes processing time before the results come up to your browser. For some cases (especially for bright persistent sources), there may be more than 10000 detections to process, which cause longer time to process. This may results timeout error. Therefore, we strongly recommend specifying the time region (by MJD or MET) in the option below.

	Target name *MUST* be same as that in ASM Catalog

SSC Selection:			        
        Select SSC to be used
	Bin width can be selected only with QDP Mode or ROBOT Mode.
	To output data without binning, specify 0.0 as the bin width.
	The average is weighted by the uncertainty of each data.
	If the source variation is large, RMS of source count rate may
	give better estimate of the uncertainty of the count rate.

Time Period
	Time period can be specifyed both in MJD and MET.   Default
	values yield all data, but requires longer time, which may
	cause timeout error.  We strongly recommend specifying the 
	time region especially for bright persistent sources.

Data Selection Criteria
	According to MIT, 1.5 is a good criterion.   For scox1 (Sco X-1), MIT uses 8.0, instead.  

	Detection level in sigma (select data with count rate >= sigma x error) 

	Specify minimum count rate to output.   Negative value is acceptable.

Field of View of the Counter:
	MIT pepole recommends -46.0 <= theta <= 46.0 AND -5.0 <= phi <= 5.0.
	They also recommend not to use the data with theta < -41.5 for low-state trigger. 
	These values are used in monitoring of possible TOOs triggered by ASM in XTE SOF.

Source Contamination:
	Fundamentally, if there is another source within delta-theta < 6.0 degree AND delta-phi < 0.05 degree,
	we assume the detection as "BAD" in XTE SOF.   If there is another source within delta-theta < 10.0 
	degree AND delta-phi < 0.2 degree, we assume it as "IFFY".   Detailed information will be available
	on Web soon.
	Detailed Mode: output 13 column
	QDP MODE: output in format directly plotable with qdp 
	Robot MODE: output in format directly plotable with Robot

For questions about scheduling of RXTE observations please send email to xteplan@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov If you have other questions about RXTE, please send email to one of our help desks.

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