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Evan Smith

Job Description: Astronomer
Office: GSFC Building 2, W20Q
Address: Code 666, GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
Phone: 301 286 9346
FAX: 301 286 1682
email: esmith@ucephei.gsfc.nasa.gov

Evan Smith received his MS in Space Science from Florida Institute of Technology, in 1986 and his BS in Astronomy from the University of Florida in 1982. He has also completed graduate work in Astrophysics at the University of Maryland, Planetary Atmospheres at the Johns Hopkins University, and Astrodynamics at the George Washington University. He worked at the Flight Dynamics Facility at the Goddard Space Flight Center from 1986-1995, where he performed orbit determination, orbit analysis, mission design and maneuver planning. He joined the Science Operations Center for the X-Ray Timing Explorer in April 1995 as an experiment monitor.

His research interests include interacting binary stars, planetary atmospheres, spacecraft orbit evolution and astrometry.
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