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The ABC of XTE

A Guide to Reducing XTE Data


This guide is intended for use with xselect2, a GUI-driven data reduction program and successor to xselect. Unfortunately, xselect2 is not yet ready for release.

In the meantime, RXTE data are currently reduced by running the individual ftools that xselect2 will eventually drive. Instructions for using these ftools and accompanying scripts are provided in this guide as well as in the collection of recipes that comprise The RXTE Cook Book.

What does The ABC of XTE presently contain? Apart from the Introduction, there are five chapters: one describing RXTE data files, a second describing PCA Issues, a third explaining how to screen data, and a fourth explaining extraction and a fifth containing a time tutorial. Of these subjects, only extraction is covered in detail in How to Analyze XTE Data with FTOOLS. Accordingly, we recommend the following three steps to learn how to reduce RXTE data:

  1. Read the RXTE Getting Started Guide.

  2. Read the contents of The ABC of XTE.

  3. Read The RXTE Cook Book.

As xselect2 nears release, the The ABC of XTE will gain new chapters. Buttons and graphics will added to improve navigation through its pages and to embellish its Spartan appearance.

The ABC of XTE is written and maintained by the RXTE GOF. Please email xtehelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov if you have any questions or comments. This particular page was last modified on Wednesday, 24-Aug-2022 11:10:28 EDT.