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RXTE Instrument Configurations: the Easy Route RXTE

For all sources with total PCA count rates less than 1200/s (including all extragalactic observations) and HEXTE count rates less than 80/s, the RXTE Science Operations Facility strongly recommends that proposers use the following set of instrument configurations:

    PCA EA1:           Standard1
    PCA EA2:           Standard2
    PCA EA3:           GoodXenon1_2s
    PCA EA4:           GoodXenon2_2s
    PCA EA5:           Idle
    PCA EA6:           Idle

    HEXTE Cluster A:   E_8us_256_DX1f
    HEXTE Cluster B:   E_8us_256_DX1f

Note that AKBAR/RPS does not allow one to leave an EA unused. In this case one has to explicitly specify "Idle".

Use defaults for all other HEXTE parameters.

Note that this advice does not relieve the proposer from the obligation of providing estimates for the expected event count rates.

In these cases there is no need to run recommd or elaborately justify the chosen configurations.

For sources that do not meet the above criteria, use the RXTE Web tool recommd to select modes appropriate to your observation(s).

If you have a question about RXTE, please send email to one of our help desks.

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