Take a Journey of Discovery with RXTE - Classroom Activity

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Mission #3



Interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from the collected data of the ASM.



Read Mission #3


Review hyperlinks on black holes and neutron stars


Teacher will lead a class discussion of the questions assigned for Mission #2. Is it easy or hard to tell if the Mystery Source is a black hole or a neutron star? Based on the students' work with the light curve of the Mystery Source, do they think it is a black hole or a neutron star. Which set of light curves does the Mystery Source most resemble? Is the class ready to make a definitive statement about the nature of the Mystery Source? Or do they feel they might need more information about the source?

Students will be given the opportunity to make any necessary changes to their answers. After the discussion, students will complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting black holes, neutron stars, and the mystery X-ray source.



Click here to bring up a copy of Venn digram


Print a copy of Venn diagram for each member of the team


Compare and contrast black holes, neutron stars, and the mystery X-ray source.


Teacher will check Venn diagram for accuracy and completeness.

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