For Educators

As we all know, local schools vary widely in the amount of computer connectivity they have with the world. There are limits to computers, local networking capabilities, and to the computer skills of the teachers. Where possible, we've supplied a means for the teacher to implement the lesson without classroom computers.



  • The High Energy Groovy Movie - This snappy "music video" uses RXTE discoveries and slick computer animation to show students how the Universe might look if we had "X-ray eyes." Accompanying lesson plans cover everything from frequency and wavelength to black holes and X-ray machines.
  • Take a Journey of Discovery with RXTE - This is a 5-day unit that allows students to investigate a mysterious X-ray emitting source, ultimately determining whether or not the source is a black hole. The experience culminates with a "journey" to observe the source first-hand.
  • Shedding a New Light on the Universe: This is an introdution to Multiwavelength Astronomy; it includes activities that can be used in the classroom.
  • Tour the ASM Sky - Real-Time data from one of RXTE's instruments. We've had teachers develop lesson plans that will help you use this data in the classroom.
  • Understanding Spectra feature - What are the different parts of a spectrum, and what do they mean?

tape dispensor scissors Make Your Own RXTE Satellite

Individual Lesson Plans

In developing these lesson plans, we chose topics that used X-ray sources that are representative of some class of object, have some significant scientific merit to their continued study, and whose basic science was accessible to a high school audience.

In the accompanying lesson plans, students will use actual data to accomplish some of the same analysis goals as the original researchers.

RXTE Visits the Classroom

  • Jim and Maggie visit Lisa's classroom! - Lisa Williamson was our Summer 1999 Teacher Intern - we went to the middle school where she teaches to observe a part of our recently developed "Journey of Discovery with RXTE" lesson in action.

  • Read about the Live From RXTE Project!