RXTE Discoveries


Pulsar Starquake

Scientists Predict Quakes on Pulsars
(June 2006)

X-Ray Milky Way

New Map of Milky Way Reveals Millions of Unseen Objects
(March 2006)

Artist's concept of RXTE.

NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Marks 10 Years in Space
(January 2006)


Neutron star with companion.

Three Satellites Discover One Elusive Star
(November 2005)

Artist's concept of binary star system.

Scientists Gain Glimpse of Bizarre Matter in a Neutron Star
(September 2004)

Artist's Conception of a Magnetar

A Neutron Star Emerges As A Rare Magnetic Gem
(January 2004)


Artist's Concept of Gravitational Waves

Pulsars That Rock Space and Time
(September 2003)


Optical light image of Eta Carinae

Eta Carinae, a Home-Grown Mystery
(January 2003)


Image of Binary System with Mass Transfered from Normal Star to Compact Object

Going, Going, Almost Gone: Pulsar Whittles Away Stellar Companion to Planet-Size
(May 2002)


pulsar Picture

Scientists Catch Speeding Neutron Star With "Radar Gun" Technique, Confirm Theory
(April 2002)


pulsar Picture

Vampire Pulsar Sucks Companion Star Down to Planet-Size
(April 2002)

Spinning Black Hole Picture

Scientists Find "Local" Black Hole Pumps Energy As It Spins
(April 2002)


Black Hole Picture

Prime View of Neighbouring Galaxy Yields Pulsar Bonanza, Seven in One Blow
(January 2002)


Black Hole Picture

"Big Glitcher" Pulsar Reveals Long-Hidden, Exotic Interior
(January 2002)


Black Hole Picture

A Method Uncovered in the Madness of Black Holes and Neutron Stars
(June 2001)


Black Hole Picture

Light From 30 Miles Above a Black Hole Reveals Spinning
(April 2001)



Winners of 2001 Rossi Prize Named for Black Hole Discovery
(January 2001)


Black Hole

Astronomers Find the Youngest Pulsar Yet in the Heart of an Exploded Star
(August 2000)


Black Hole

First Emission Line from Mysterious "Gamma-Ray Repeater" Star Reveals Clues to its Nature
(June 2000)


Black Hole

Amateur and Professional Astronomers Team Up
(June 2000)


Black Hole

ASM Video Reveals the Violent X-Ray Sky
(April 2000)


Black Hole

The All-Sky Monitor (ASM) Movie
(March 2000)


Black Hole

Meet our Neighbor, a Most Curious Black Hole
(February 2000)


x-ray Bubbles

Invasion of the Giant X-ray Bubbles
(January 2000)


The Universe Lights Up on Beethoven's Birthday:
RXTE Pinpoints Location of Gamma Ray Burst
(December 1999)


RXTE Captures the Ongoing Light Show at the Galactic Center
(June 1999)


typical black hole

RXTE Observation Helps Astronomers Link Galactic and Supermassive Black Holes!
(February 1999)

bursting pulsar

RXTE Gathers More Clues About the Nature of Pulsars!
(January 1999)


Gamma Ray Flare

RXTE Watches Tremendous Gamma-ray Flare Blast Earth!
(October 1998)

Cannibal Pulsar

RXTE Finds Missing Link Cannibal Pulsar
(July 1998)


RXTE Helps Confirm Existence of Magnetars
(June 1998)


RXTE Finds Pulsars in the Small Magellanic Cloud
(March 1998)


RXTE Finds "Missing Link" Pulsar
(February 1998)


RXTE Sees Shedding Accretion Disk!
(January 1998)

frame dragging

RXTE Observes the Shifting of Space-Time!
(November 1997)

grb optical

RXTE Spots Gamma Ray Bursts!
(September 1997)

New Transient in Galatic Ridge

RXTE Discovers New Transient In Galactic Ridge
(November 1996)

Cygnus X-2

RXTE Confirms Long Term Period in Cygnus X-2
(September 1996)

binary qpo

RXTE Discovers High Frequency QPO's!
(August 1996)

bursting pulsar

RXTE Sees Bursting Pulsar!
(June 1996)