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High Energy Groovie Movie RXTE

The High Energy Groovie Movie is a multimedia extravaganza, showcasing the exciting X-ray universe of black holes, pulsars and active galaxies! The visuals feature a speeded-up "movie" of the X-ray sky, created from the first four years of data taken by the All Sky Monitor aboard the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) satellite. In addition, stunning animations reinforce scientists' theories of how these amazing objects might look close up. The soundtrack to the movie is the AstroCappella song High Energy Groove, a musical exploration of the rockin' high energy universe.

Hear the song High Energy Groove, get the lyrics, and see related activities at the AstroCappella High Energy Groove Page.

Teachers: For classroom activities associated with the High Energy Groovy Movie, see our For Teachers section, below.

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View the High Energy Groovie Movie (31.8 MB)

The High Energy Groove song is copyrighted. Permission is hereby given to broadcast the musical materials in an educational setting, as long as due credit is given to the composers and performers, and a link (or text reference) to http://www.astrocappella.com/ is included.

Read the lyrics
Read the description of the video

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For Teachers

In the summer of 2005, an educator workshop was designed and developed with the goal of helping educators incorporate the Groovie Movie and activities into their science classrooms. The RXTE Movie Educator Workshop page includes an agenda for this workshop as well as other supporting materials.

In the summer of 2002, the RXTE Guest Observer Facility began collaborating with local middle school and high school teachers to develop a collection of engaging classroom activities to support the Groovie Movie. These informative lesson plans are aimed at the full spectrum of reading and learning levels. Each activity was designed to reinforce a concept presented in a single verse of the song. The table below describes the activities and how they are tied to the movie. Follow the links for the activities themselves, in a variety of formats.

Activity Verse Objective Author Level
Energy, Frequency, and Wavelength Going up the Spectrum Repeat After Me... Students will observe the relationship between energy, frequency and wavelength within the electromagnetic spectrum. Kimberly S. Adams, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD Middle School
Atmospheric Windows If we flew above the atmosphere and looked out at the skies... respect for the Earth's atmosphere Kim Cochrane, Bowie High School, Bowie, MD  Earth Science
X-Ray Detectors

X-Ray Eyes

X-rays can show you the roots of your teeth... How does an X-ray machine work? How does an X-ray detector work? What would the universe look like if we had X-ray eyes? Kim Cochrane, Bowie High School, Bowie, MD;

Kimberly S. Adams, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD 

High School Physics; Middle School Science
X-Ray Binary Model Story of a pair of stars called Cygnus X-1 Build a model of a black hole gaining mass from its companion star using a plastic cup and plate, and yarn. Very informative, instructive and fun! Kimberly S. Adams, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD Middle School Science
Cosmic Quilt A cosmic light house flashes in space... A class project where a story quilt is created with squares representing the variety of objects in the universe that shine in X-rays. Kimberly S. Adams, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD  Middle School Physics
How Hot is One Million Degrees Kelvin? Point your X-ray specs toward the Sun's location... Exploring various temperature scales. Kimberly S. Adams, Argyle Middle School, Silver Spring, MD  Middle School Science

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