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Book Inventory

Title Author(s) Initial # #/Date Verified by #/Date Verified by #/Date Verified by #/Date Verified by
The Kid's Book of the Night Sky Love & Drake 2                
The Solar System Sipiera 1                
Destination Space Simon 1                
Zoo in the Sky Mitton 1                
Black Holes Couper & Henbest 1                
Space (Stars, Planets and Spacecraft) Becklake 1                
Space Encyclopedia Couper & Henbest 1                
The Kingfisher YP Book of Space Redfern 1                
Astronaut to Zodiac Ressmeyer 1                
Young Oxford Book of Astronomy Mitton 1                
Galaxies Simon 1                
The Atlas of Space Challoner 1                
Follow the Drinking Gourd Winter 7                
The Ultimate Universe Levy 1                
Why the Sky is Far Away Gerson 2                
Other Worlds Trefill 1                

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